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Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit

Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit

4.57 out of 5
(7 customer reviews)


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Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit

Includes a 30ml bottle of Canada Vapes E-Juice Free!

  • Button or Draw Activated Firing
  • Large 5.5ml capacity
  • Dual Airflow System
  • Uses Voopoo Vinci Coils & Pods

Canada Vapes Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit Review

The Voopoo Vinci Pod System is perfect for beginner vapers looking for a device that is versatile, light-weight, and easy to use.  There are many features that make this vape device stand out from other pod systems such as the innovative dual airflow system, dual firing mechanism (Draw & Button Activated), and the built-in 1500mAh battery.  Adjustable airflow is always preferred as it allows the user to better customize their experience; with the Vinci you simply rotate the cartridge 180 degrees to find your personal fave. A nice feature about the Voopoo Vinci is the innovative GENE.AI which allows you to utilize features such as draw activation, intelligent coil matching, and various auto/manual modes. Lastly, the very large tank capacity of 5.5ml is also generous for this device, and features a comfortable mouthpiece & drip tip cap to keep your vape clean.

In summary, this is a solid, well designed offering from Voopoo with plenty of exciting innovation & technology.  While remaining compact & discreet the Voopoo Vinci Pod System is available in a number of artistic designs & colour options. Our in-house testing team loved the large tank capacity, long lasting 1500mAh built-in battery, magnetic adjustable airflow system, and it’s ability to smartly recognize coils and automatically match power. Canada Vapes believes the Voopoo Vinci is a great balance between simplicity & technology and is a great value for those looking to explore (or upgrade their) pod systems.

Your Voopoo Vinci Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Voopoo Vinci Device (5.5ml)
  • 1 x Voopoo 0.3 Regular Coil
  • 1 x Voopoo 0.6 Meshed Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Chip Card

Voopoo Vinci Starter Kit Features:

Charge Port – Micro USB

The Voopoo Vinci uses a very standard micro USB charging port to refill its battery.  This charging port is available just about anywhere, from computers, to game consoles, to televisions.  This allows you to plug in your device just about anywhere!  If you want to charge this in your car we have available car adapters for your use.

Adjustable Air Flow

The Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit features a unique feature that allows you to tailor your drag to your personal preference.  Simply lift & rotate the cartridge 180 degrees while changing your coils (or refilling) to enjoy a totally different vape experience.  It may take some trial & error, but by using this innovative feature you will be able to increase or decrease the airflow to your personal preference in order to find your personal ‘sweet spot’. To learn more about the air flow adjustment feature please review the video at the bottom this description.

Simple e-liquid filling

The Voopoo Vinci Pods are filled from the side of the 5.5ml cartridge.  Simply remove the silicone stopper at the side of the pod system; this will allow you to access the filling hole which is convenient when using varying bottle sizes. The proprietary design of the Vinci Pods allows every drop of e-liquid to remain visible through the glass wall of the tank so you will never be caught off guard when running low.  We also found the magnetic connection between the pod and the device to be very satisfying when removing or replacing them.

Small and lightweight

Because the Voopoo Vinci is created using lightweight materials such as durable zinc-alloy, it is much lighter than many of its metal counterparts.  Roughly the size of a bottle of e-liquid, the Vinci is reasonably compact (104mm x 25.3mm x 25.3mm) which means it can discreetly join you anywhere without losing the benefits of a large tank & battery.

Frequently asked questions about the Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit:

Q: How long does the Vinci battery last?

A:  This really depends on personal use.  The Voopoo Vinci has a built in 1500mAh lithium ion battery.  If you are a casual vaper, the Vinci battery should last you 24 – 48 hours on a single charge. If you are a heavy vaper, expect to charge the Vinci at least once per day; perhaps overnight. The convenient micro USB charging port allows you to recharge your battery just about anywhere!

Q: What is your warranty on the Voopoo Vinci?

A: As with all of our starter kits, the Voopoo Vinci comes with a full 60 day warranty against manufacture defects.  This warranty only begins when the product arrives to your door.   For any issues with your Vinci, you may call us at 1-844-286-VAPE, or fill out a support ticket.   You can also contact Voopoo support directly at [email protected]

Q: How often should I replace my Voopoo Vinci Pods?

A: The life of your cartridge/pod is determined by the frequency of use and the type of e-liquid used (i.e. PG vs VG).  If simple coil replacement does not remedy the issue replace the pod with a new one. Canada Vapes offers replacement Vinci Pods in pack of two (5.5ml).

Q: You offer different coil options. Which should one should I buy?

A: Great question! One of the reasons we love the Voopoo Vinci system is that it can accommodate both Direct Lung vapers and Mouth-to-Lung vapers. We have included some information below so you can best determine which coil will work best with your vaping style & preference. If you are ever in need of more personalized advice because call customer service at 1.844.286.VAPE. Good luck!

  • VOOPOO Vinci PnP-VM1 0.3ohm Regular Coil: Direct Lung, Power Range 32 – 40 Watts, Low Nicotine Strengths
  • VOOPOO Vinci PnP-VM4 0.6ohm Meshed Coil: Direct Lung, Power Range 20 – 28 Watts, Higher Nicotine Strengths
  • VOOPOO Vinci PnP-R1 0.8pohm Ceramic Coil:  Mouth-to-lung, Power Range 12 – 18 Watts, All Nicotine Strengths

Voopoo Vinci Product Specifications:

  • Size: 104.0 x 25.3 x 25.3mm
  • Battery: Built-in 1500mAh
  • Power Range: 5 – 40W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0ohm
  • Output Voltage: 3.2 – 4.2V
  • Pod Capacity: Visible Pod 5.5ml
  • Coil: PnP 0.3ohm; PnP 0.8ohm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy + PCTG

Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit Downloads & Information:

The official Voopoo Vinci information page can be found HERE.

Voopoo Vinci Videos:

Below is a YouTube video from Voopoo briefly describing the Vinci Mod Pod System, and showing you how to install a new pod, e-liquid for the first time.

Voopoo Vinci Starter Kit Options:

Choose your FREE 30ml Bottle

At Canada Vapes you will always receive a FREE 30ml Bottle of e-liquid with your purchase of any New Starter Kit!  You can choose one of our 8 Top Selling flavours.  Our compete e-liquid selection is available HERE.  Still not convinced?  Click HERE to see why Canada Vapes e-liquid rocks!!

* Blue Freezie * Cotton Candy * Watermelon * Canadian Smooth * Canadian Menthol * Rocket Man * Grape * Pina Colada *

Nicotine Strength

Our Canadian made e-liquid is available in 8 Nicotine Strengths which gives to flexibility & freedom to decide which will be best for your lifestyle & wellness goals.  Nicotine strengths range from 0mg/ml (no nicotine) to 24mg/ml (very high nicotine) with many options in between which makes it easy to move up or down the spectrum as your needs change.  For those new to vaping, Canada Vapes recommends starting with a nicotine strength between 6mg/ml to 12mg/ml.  For additional assistance choosing your nicotine strength please contact Customer Service at 1.844.286.VAPE.

* 0MG * 1.5MG * 3MG * 6MG * 9MG * 12MG * 16MG * 24MG *

Upgrade Free E-Liquid

When placing an order at Canada Vapes for a new Starter Kit you will have the opportunity to upgrade your FREE 30ml Bottle to a larger 60ml Bottle for a discounted price of only $10 (Regular Price $29.99).  In addition, you can choose to ‘Quadruple it’ to a 120ml Bottle at a discounted price of only $20-$25 (Regular Price $54.99).  This a massive savings on our delicious, Canadian-made e-liquid!

Voopoo Vinci Colours

The Voopoo Vinci Kit is currently available in 5 designer colour choices:  Ink, Scarlet, Space Gray, Aurora, and Carbon Fiber

Extra Coils

Add a 5 Pack of Voopoo Vinci Coils to your order at a discounted price when buying them with your new Vinci Starter Kit (Save 10%).

Extra Cartridge

Add an extra Voopoo Vinci 5.5ml Replacement Pod at a discounted price when buying them with your new Vinci Starter Kit (Save 10%). Remember, each package of replacement pods includes two replacement pods!

Extra AC charger

If you don’t have a computer, or available USB Port, you can add an AC Adapter to your order so you can charge anywhere there is a wall plug.

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7 reviews for Voopoo Vinci Vape Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Chantal (verified purchase)

    I love this Voopoo kit you can taste the E-Liquids.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Love it (verified purchase)

    Probably the easiest vape to learn how to use, super convenient && the battery lasts forever.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Brian Harrietha (verified purchase)

    I was fortunate enough to win a Vinci in a "Win it before you can buy it" contest. It has been the best vape experience I have had, in almost 9 years of vaping. I have had one issue, the magnets have fallen out of their holes , on the battery side of the connection . First two, then the other two. I have researched this and found it does occasionally happen. As a result I have to use elastic bands to hold the tank in place. Despite that, it’s still a great product and I would and likely will buy another one.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Brian Harrietha (verified purchase)

    I was fortunate enough to win one of these in the ‘Win it before you can buy it" contest. Everything the other reviews have said is absolutely bang-on. The only issue I’ve had is the magnets have come out of the holes(battery side, not the tank) I have researched this issue and found it to be not common, but it does happen. You may never have this problem, and even though I now have to hold the tank in place with elastic bands, it’s still a great vape experience.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Peggy Bran (verified purchase)

    I have had my VooPoo for 3 days and I am blown away by this product. Without a doubt the best unit that I have purchased in my 8 years of vaping. It is a very well built unit that also looks nice. The battery lasts forever, the coils are so easy to change and ejuice fill up is the easiest I have encountered. It is impossible to find fault with this product. The only improvement I can think of is perhaps a softer colour choice for women. The unit is barely larger than your standard lipstick. I love this unit. Thank you Josh for suggesting this amazing product.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Nadine (verified purchase)

    This new vape is life changing. I love that the battery lasts FOREVER. It is much cleaner than the Smok Novo, and it isn’t much bigger than the Smok.
    No leaking, very tidy, very useful.

    I am happy to find one that uses nic salts and freebase, because I enjoy using both at times.

    The startup price is also quite good, and I thought one of this quality would be much more money!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Sjsbuck (verified purchase)

    After smoking for years and switching to a traditional mod vape to try and quit, I felt at though juul was my best alternative. I tried the very well reviewed Caliburn and was somewhat satisfied however the build quality just fell short. After picking up the Vinci, it’s been a night and day difference. Having the option to simply replace coils allows for full flavour across a wide range of juices. Paired with variable wattage, you can get the flavour or cloud you desire, along with built in warnings regarding the coil. Battery lasts forever depending on your coil and vape habits. And tank size is massive. No need to go out with extra pods or a bottle of juice.

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