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X-Max V3 Pro Dry Herb & Wax Vaporizer

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The X-Max V3 Pro Dry Herb & Wax Vaporizer kit offers a USB-C charge port and features an isolated airpath. The slim aluminum frame makes it light weight while not taking away from it’s durability. There is a 18650 battery included in the package, but if you feel like you need a backup then you can find 18650 batteries HERE. Multiple batteries makes it so you never have to worry about a charge again. If you are wanting a fully charged backup battery ready to go, then we suggest purchasing an external battery charger HERE.

The V3 Pro supports full temperature control with a range of 100° C – 220° C, it can also heat up to your temperature within 15-25 seconds. This device is very easy to use and offers a range of features to make you vaping style unique. The Xmax V3 Pro also includes two vaping modes. The first is the On-Demand mode which allows you to press and hold the power button whenever you feel you would like to take a hit, this also makes less waste. The other mode is Session Mode, which allows you to heat the device up and hold the temperature while enjoying multiple hits over the course of 4-6 minutes.

To properly vaporize, you will need to heat your herbs enough so that the plant releases its chemicals, but not so much that the herbs will burn. Remember the numbers 350 and 450. Between 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for vaporizing, anything lower than the 350 mark will not produce any vapor. Anything higher than the 450 mark will ignite your herb. Different herbs have different vaporization temperatures, so you need to make sure you can regulate the temperature to avoid burning some herbs or not vaporizing others at all.

Included in the package: 

1 x X-Max V3 Pro Vaporizer
1 x USB-C charging cable
1 x Dimpled Glass Stem
3 x Mesh Screens
4 x Alcohol Prep Pads
3 x Cotton swabs
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Dosing Capsule


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