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The Canada Vapes Team is fanatical – perhaps even a little obsessed – about our e-liquid.  It has been a long-standing source of pride, strength, and consistency for our staff & customers since we were founded in 2010.  As a result, our dedication to quality, safety, and predictability are unparalleled.  Every effort is made at each stage of the process to ensure we remain true to the values & principles that have helped build our business, making the best e-liquid along the way.  For your convenience, we’ve included some interesting information about our e-liquid.  Once you sample our delicious flavours you’ll know the bar has been set - Enjoy!


75+ Flavours and growing:

Our Canada Vapes e-liquid has steadily grown to over 75 unique & delicious flavours.  We have an assortment of options including PG, VG, No Flavour, Seasonal Favorites, and Flavour Shots.  Our standard e-liquid has a 3:1 PG:VG ratio for maximum flavour.  For those that prefer VG e-liquid for maximum sub ohm cloud production, we have developed a humble VG line just for you.  And with our super popular kitchen experiments area continuously churning out new recipes & flavour profiles our e-liquid family of products will continue to grow!  We also have flavour shots which allow you to add a little ‘extra’ to any e-liquid you desire!

Best Vape Juice Flavours for 2020 from Canada Vapes

     Menthol Juice for Menthol Lovers:

Menthol e-juice is very popular at Canada Vapes.  This is because it creates a warm refreshing feeling in your mouth when you vape it.  Menthol e-liquid is typically pretty intense, and our menthol e-liquid does not disappoint in its strong menthol base.  We use pure menthol crystals when creating our menthol e-liquid flavour which is the base for all of our menthol e-liquid.  

Canadian Menthol - Our Canadian menthol is the most popular menthol vape juice in Canada.  As with all of our vape juice, Canadian menthol is available with no nicotine or with nicotine.  Canadian menthol blends a tobacco base with a menthol finish, creating a true menthol tobacco e liquid experience.  

Menthol - If you love menthol and nothing else - our menthol e juice may be for you.  Nothing but pure menthol flavouring is added to our menthol vape juice.  This is pure unadulterated menthol e-liquid in its best form

VG Canadian Menthol - Take our most popular menthol e juice flavour and make it in maximum VG and what you have is VG Canadian Menthol.  Starting with a mild tobacco base, then adding pure menthol crystals will give you this ejuice treat!

     Best Fruit e-juice:

If you are looking for the best fruit e-liquid, here it is - Fruity e-liquids are popular because of their sweet delicious taste.  Many of our fruit e-juices are designed to be true replicas of the actual fruit, while others are more candy versions of the fruit.  Whatever your taste, we have what you need when looking for fruit ejuice.

Fruit Punch Ejuice-   Fruit Punch is a very popular e juice in our lineup.  It is similar to a fruit punch drink you would have at a party, a quite sweet blend of fruity delight.

Fruit Sampler Pack - This provides you with a sample of our 3 most popular fruit e juices to try.

View all of our fruit flavoured e-liquids here!

     Best Tobacco E-Juice:

Tobacco e-juice is what most beginning vapers lean towards, and we try to replicate the authentic tobacco taste with our e-juice.  Below you will find our best tobacco e juice - according to our customers.  The bold tobacco flavour is something that many vapers crave when searching for the best tobacco flavoured e juice - and we do not disappoint!

Canadian Dawn: - This tobacco e juice combines a tobacco base flavor with a hint of apricot- the best of sweet and tobacco in one bottle!

Tobacco Sampler Pack.  Try our top 3 selling tobacco flavoured e juice in one package! 

     Best Candy flavoured e-juice:

Who doesn't like the sweet taste of Candy?  Now available in your e-liquid - here is our collection of the best candy flavour e-liquid according to our sales:

Pink Fluff E-liquid -  This is a wonderfully delicious cotton candy vape juice - quite mild and smooth, this cotton candy will linger on your tongue and leave you feeling sweet and satisfied

Peppermint Hooks e-liquid flavour  - This is a perfect Christmas vape flavor - available all year around!  This is one of our most popular sweet flavored e liquids because it truly replicates the candy cane flavour and brings everyone back to Christmas!

Pink Star e-liquid  This sweet candy eliquid is created to replicate pink starburst candy.  A super popular candy ejuice - Pink star is creamy and sweet!

Check out all of our sweet and candy flavours here!

3 Bottle Size Options:

We sell our e-liquid in 3 bottles sizes.  30ml, 60ml, and 120ml - This way you get what you want!  The biggest selection of e-liquid is in the most popular size - 60ml. 

Nicotine Strengths: 

Canada Vapes offers different nicotine strengths for all vapers regardless of goals or motivation.  The following strengths are available depending on your need:  0MG, 1.5MG, 3MG, 6MG, 9MG, 12MG, 16MG, 24MG, and 36MG.  We regularly test our e-liquid for correct nicotine levels in our own laboratory.  We also only purchase our nicotine base from a reputable Canadian company who also tests their e-liquid for accurate nicotine levels. 

Sterile Laboratory Environment:

Custom built from the ground up our lab technician enjoys a laboratory & production areas that are equal parts clean & safe.  Canada Vapes has invested in accurate measurement tools, sophisticated pneumatic machinery, and adhere to strict hygiene & safety standards.   We use a dedicated ERV system, surgical gloves, masks, and sterilize our equipment between batches to ensure the highest quality product. 

Child Proof Bottles:

To provide our customers with additional levels of safety & peace of mind Canada Vapes has added safety child-proof cap to all 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles.  This exceeds current industry standards.  Friendly Reminder:  Keep e-liquid and e-cigarette accessories away from children.

Lot Numbers & Expiry Dates:

For quality control purposes Canada Vapes adds traceable lot numbers to all batches of e-liquid produced.  In the unlikely event of an issue, we can quickly locate & pull all effected e-liquid.   We clearly mark each bottle with an expiry date to ensure you are enjoying the best vaping experience possible. 

Pharmaceutical Grade PG:

Canada Vapes purchases USP, Pharmaceutical Grade, Propylene Glycol (PG) from a local Apothecary.  All PG is Diethylene Glycol free.

Pharmaceutical grade VG:

Canada Vapes purchases USP, Pharmaceutical grade, Vegetable Glycerin which is Gluten Free, Kosher, and Certified Vegan.  Our Vegetable Glycerin is also GMO free and Allergen Free.  VG is derived from palm oil.

Food Grade Flavouring: 

All flavouring used is sourced from North America and is Food Grade, or above.  All flavouring is generally recognized as safe.  Canada Vapes stores our flavouring in dark amber glass bottles to ensure there is no leaching or contaminants. 

Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin Free:

All of our e-liquid flavourings are free of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin.   

Why Vape Diacetyl Free E-juice?

Diacetyl is likely nothing to be concerned about, however there have been studies linking a very high level of concentration of diacetyl and some health concerns.  To be safe, we ensure all of our e-liquid is free from diacetyl, acetly propionyl, and acetonin

Why aren't all e-juices Diacetyl Free?

Diacetyl makes a buttery and creamy taste, and many people really enjoy that taste.  It is often used in dessert vapes as well.  While it is sometimes hard to find diacetyl free flavours, we at Canada Vapes have searched long and hard to find great tasting alternatives that still have the rich and buttery taste without diacetyl.

Is diactyl Free the safest E-Liquid to Vape?

The short answer is yes.  As stated above, the small amounts of diacetyl found in flavouring is likely not an issue, however for those concerned we create all of our vape juice diacetyl free.

Canadian Sourced Nicotine Base:  

Our Nicotine Base is only sourced from reputable Canadian companies.  All Nicotine Base is tested & verified prior to use. 

What are you waiting for?  Check out all of our E-Liquid Here!

Nic Salts: 

WARNING: Nic Salts are not recommended for use with sub ohm vape devices. For a complete list of Starter Kits & Pod Systems that are compatible with Nic Salts click HERE

These Twelve Monkeys Brand nicotine salt flavours have been designed with consumer requests in mind. Featuring a 50 VG / 50 PG ratio with no added sweeteners, customers can now experience these great tasting flavours in their favourite pod or mouth-to-lung tank with longer coil life and enhanced flavour. Higher concentrations of premium ingredients were carefully balanced to ensure all nicotine strengths are smooth on the throat and satisfy those cravings.

Want to learn more about Nic Salts? Check out our "Everything you ever wanted to know about Nic Salts" information page!


If you have questions about any aspect of our e-liquid products please do not hesitate to contact us any time at support@canadavapes.com or 1.844.286.VAPE. 

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