Vape Juice & E-Juice in Canada

Canada Vapes has been crafting high-quality, Canadian-made vape juice and e-juice since 2010. That’s 10 years of producing top-notch e-liquids right here in Canada. When we started out, there were only a couple competitors making vape juice in the country. Now, a decade later, there are hundreds of e-juice manufacturers across Canada.

Why Choose Canada Vapes Vape Juice & E-Juice?

With so many e-liquid options now available made in Canada, what makes Canada Vapes vape juice and e-juice worth choosing?

Canada Vapes Vape Juice Manufacturing Process:

Canada Vapes uses only the highest quality, independently tested ingredients to craft our vape juices and e-juices. We take every extra step to ensure our e-liquids are made to our customer’s satisfaction. Our ingredients are sourced in North America. The nicotine base, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin we use are all USP grade. Our manufacturing lab utilizes state-of-the-art Hepa filtration. No expense is spared when making our vape juices and e-juices.

Canadian Vape Juice & E-Juice – The Details:

Our focus at Canada Vapes is on all-day vape juice and e-juice. Sure, any manufacturer can overload e-liquids with massive amounts of sweet and fruity flavors for an intense initial taste. But how do those vape juices hold up the next day and the next? Many competitors formulate e-liquids to ‘wow’ on first taste, only to become un-vapable after a few tanks. Canada Vapes vape juices and e-juices are crafted for enjoyment not just on first vape, but for many days after. This guiding principle in our e-liquid manufacturing process began in 2010 and continues today.

With all bottle sizes factored in, Canada Vapes offers over 150 vape juice and e-juice options. We cover all e-liquid flavors, from sweet and fruity to minty, menthol, and tobacco.