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E-Liquid Canada

Canada Vapes has been making high-quality Canadian-made e-liquid in the house since 2010.  That is 10 years of crafting top-quality vape juice.  When Canada Vapes started, there were just 2 or 3 competitors making e-juice in Canada.  Now, ten years later, there are hundreds of e-liquid manufacturers in Canada.

Why Canada Vapes e-liquid? 

With so many options available in Canada now, what choose to use Canada Vapes e-liquid?

Canada Vapes e-liquid Manufacturing Process:

Canada Vapes uses nothing top quality and independently tested ingredients in our e-liquids. We take every extra step to ensure our e-liquid is made in a way that our customers appreciate.  The ingredients are sourced in North America.  The nicotine base, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable glycerin we use are all USP grade.  Our manufacturing lab uses a state-of-the-art Hepa filtration system.  No expense is spared when manufacturing our e-liquids.

E-Liquid Canada – The Breakdown

What we focus on at Canada Vapes is an all-day e-liquid.  Sure – any tom fool can super-charge e-liquids with massive amounts of sweet and fruity flavours – and the initial taste may be overwhelmingly strong and intense and delicious.  But what about the next day?  And the next day?  Many times, competitors will manufacture e-liquids to ‘blow you away’ with their taste, only to have you want to throw them out after just a few tanks.  At Canada Vapes, all of our e-liquid are manufactured with the principle that we want our customers to enjoy our e-liquids not just when they first try them, but for days and days later.  This principle has guided our e liquid manufacturing process since 2010, and remains today.

When you factor in all of our bottle sizes and options, Canada Vapes has over 150 e-liquid options.  We cover all the e-liquids choices, from sweet, candy, fruity, minty, menthol, and of course, tobacco’s.