Diacetyl causing “Popcorn Lung” is overblown media hype

Popcorn Lung from the inhalation of diacetyl overblown media hype.

Over the past few months the term ‘Popcorn Lung’ has been making its way through the media, specifically referring to the flavouring used to make e-liquid for e-cigarettes.  It has been stated by many questionable news sources (and even some main stream news companies) that using e-liquid with flavouring containing diacetyl may cause vapers to get a respiratory disease called bronchiolitis obliterans.  This scary sounding disease has also been coined ‘popcorn lung’ because it was first discovered in a popcorn manufacturing factory.

Diacetyl is a naturally occurring organic compound that is a byproduct of yeast during the fermentation processes.  It is used in products that we regularly consume, to produce a buttery flavour.   It is best known as the added flavor in buttery microwave popcorn.

Now I certainly will not state to you with absolute scientific evidence that there is no danger to inhaling diacetyl.  I will not try to tell you that vaping e-liquid that contains diacetyl will cause you no harm.  I simply desire to set the facts straight.  Here they are:

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