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Every month Canada Vapes launches special promotions for our amazing customer’s to keep things current, exciting, and fresh.  We are always working hard to make sure you have the best experience with us by keeping you up to date with what's new, offering plenty of variety, and making sure you get great value for your money!  Bookmark this page or sign up for our Newsletter (in the footer below) so you are always getting the best deals on all your favorite stuff.  We will post here anytime we have: 


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NEW 60ml Bottles Available:  The people have spoken!  Canada Vapes has heard you loud & clear and have increased the standard size of our e-liquid to 60ml bottles offering Canadians a greater value on our exclusive e-liquid flavours.  All flavours and nicotine strengths are available in 60ml and you'll love saving $4 compared to buying 2 X 30ml bottles!  For those who love their 30ml & 120ml bottle options we have kept a generous selection of our most popular flavours for your to choose from in those sizes.  To celebrate this momentous occasion we are offering all 60ml bottles for only $24.99 until the end of April.

NEW Everyday Low Price for 120ml Bottles:  We are proud to annouce that we have lowered the regular price of all of our 120ml bottles of e-liquid by $5. Yes, I know it sounds crazy...prices going down, not up like usual...but its true.  Once you lock into a favourite all-day vape you can buy in bulk to save and avoid running out.  Check out our complete collection of 120ml bottles HERE!



NEW SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit:  The SMOK NOVO Starter Kit is an outstanding option for beginner vapers looking for a device that is portable, stylish, and easy to use. We're sure you'll love how it is draw activated, features a 2ml refillable pod, and offers 7 stunning colours.  Available now at a low introductory price – Click HERE to take a closer look!  I almost forgot, SMOK NOVO Replacement Pods are available HERE.

NEW SAMSUNG INR 21700 4000mAh Battery:  The latest 21700 battery from Samsung brings 30A maximum continuous discharge with a massive 4000mAh capacity. Perfect for heavy vapers that hate running out of power.  Compatible with Vaporesso Armour PRO Starter Kits - available now at Canada Vapes!



12 Monkeys Brand e-liquid now available at Canada Vapes:  We are very excited to announce that 12 Monkeys brand, high VG e-liquid is now available in 10 unique flavours & 3 nicotine strengths. This award winning, Canadian-made e-juice is perfect for those that love to sub-ohm vape & produce thick, dense clouds.  Available now in 60ml bottles, these unique flavour combinations includen informative & thoughtful descriptions of each flavour profile available below:

•    Hakuna
•    Harambae
•    Matata
•    Macaraz
•    Bonogurt
•    Kanzi
•    Mangabeys
•    O-RangZ
•    Tropika
•    Congo Cream


NEW Sweet-ish BerriesSweet-ish Berries is Canada Vapes take on the super-popular candy we all know and love!  Those delightful sweet red berry candies most of us remember growing up are now available as part of our delicious sweet candy lineup.  Available now for only $24.99 until the end of April.  Enjoy friends!



True North Collection:  Please note that our True North Collection has been discontinued.  Popular flavours such as Castlewood & Lake Effect can still be found in our regular 60ml e-liquid line-up.  Limited stock of the following flavours are available in the Clearance Section: Chinook, Crook's Hollow, Legend, and White Fang. R.I.P.

Kitchen Experiments: Hi, my name is Howie and I created Canada Vapes back in 2010. I am always having fun creating new e-liquid flavours in my search for the next 'big thing'.  Before I launch them into the vape world I’m looking for people like you to review these flavours and give me some unfiltered feedback. In exchange you receive this e-liquid at a great discounted price.  We won’t tell you EXACTLY what flavour(s) we are using – what would be the fun in that?  What we will do is give you a flavour pallet – sweet, candy, tobacco, etc. so you can pick a flavour profile that you prefer. When your order arrives simply fill up your tank & let your taste buds do the rest. Click HERE to take a peek inside my Kitchen :P

“Win it before you can buy it” Facebook Contest: Congratulations once again to Tamela Lane for winning a NEW Vaporesso Luxe 220W Starter Kit & Bottle of Canada Vapes e-liquid. Tamela Lane was one of 94 entries we received via Facebook in February and took the time to share how she would use her magic wand.  The contest garnered 86 Comments, 45 Likes, and 23 Shares – A huge thank you to all of our amazing customers for making this contest a smash hit!!

Canada Post Priority Shipping: We are proud to announce that Canada Post Priority Shipping is now an available option for customers at Checkout.  This is the fastest nation-wide delivery option available for those who don’t like to wait.  To learn more about delivery estimates & geographical consideration CLICK HERE.

“Win it before you can buy it” Facebook Contest: Congratulations once again to Chris Armer for winning a NEW Aspire Nautilus AIO Starter Kit & 2 Bottles of e-liquid.  Chris was one of 114 entries we received via Facebook in January and took the time to share how he found Canada Vapes.  The contest garnered 114 Entries, 96 Comments, 44 Likes, and 26 Shares – A big thank you to all of our fans for making this contest a smash hit!

FUN FACT:  Canada Vapes has reduced the regular price of several dozen items since September 1st to ensure you can trust our team to bring you the best value in Canada.  After extensive market research, with the sole objective to enhance & improve your experience, we are proud to make this announcement. 

Facebook & Instagram Starter Kit Give-away.  What an amazing response from all of our customers, fans, and friends on Social Media in October.  So many positive comments and we will be announcing the winners by the end of the week (1 Facebook Starter Kit Bundle, 1 Instagram Starter Kit Bundle).  Keep an eye out for more fun contests to come – We love to engage with vapers and plan to do more of it in the near future.  Get your vape on Canada!

NEW 60 Day Limited Warranty on all Starter Kits!!  Shop with confidence & peace of mind knowing Canada Vapes stands behind the products we sell. From strong manufacturing partners, testing all devices to weed out bad hardware, to treating our customers fairly and with respect - You can trust Canada Vapes.  We have doubled our previous warranty to 60 days in order to set a new industry standard.  Another layer of value to enhance your shopping experience!

Updates and enhancements to our website continue.  We will be updating & standardizing product pages & content to create a practical, organic, and intuitive shopping experience.  This includes new updated product pictures for our visual customers and plenty of useful reviews & descriptions for our fact finders!  Be sure to let us know what you think - good, bad, ugly, all feedback is welcome here.

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