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Canada Vapes offers several convenient payment options to make it easy for anyone to shop and start vaping!  For your ease & convenience we have included detailed instructions below to help you decide which payment method suits you the best.  Please review the information carefully and reach out to us if you have any questions at or 1.844.286.VAPE.

Interac E-Transfer: 

Interact E-transfer is a safe & secure payment method.  All major banks & financial institutions across Canada support Interact e-transfers.  You can see a list of all banks that support e-transfers HERE.  The most significant benefit of using an Interac E-transfer to complete your transaction is that it is secured and guaranteed by your own bank.  This makes sending an Interac E-transfer one of the safest methods of payment available anywhere on the internet.

Follow these easy steps to send your payment via Interac E-transfer:

1. Login to your online bank

2. Select option to 'Email money transfer' or 'E-transfer' located in the Transfer/Payment Menu

3. Put your Canada Vapes Order Number in the Comments of your payment

4. Use as the Payment Recipient

5. Create a security Question (Make one up)

6. Make sure the Answer to the security question above is:  canadavapes

7. Again, ensure Answer (One word, All lower case):  canadavapes

For more information on Email Money transfers, Click HERE:

Credit Card: 

Canada Vapes accepts the following credit cards: 

* Visa

* MasterCard

* Visa Debit

Payments made by credit card are instant.  They are traditionally the fastest & easiest way to shop online.  Always keep your credit card information confidential.  For your protection Canada Vapes does not store Credit Card information on its payment systems, website, or servers.

Still have questions?  Call Canada Vapes Customer Service at 1.844.286.VAPE

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