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Joyetech Products

Joyetech products were founded in 2007, and had one goal in mind. To create E-cigarettes with quality engineering. Most vapers at one point have used a Joyetech product along their journey, and most are probably familiar with their number one seller, The Joyetech Ego AIO starter kit. Unfortunately due to circumstances in Canada, this product is no longer able to be sold as it does not fall into the new CRC legislation brought forward in Canada. That hasn’t stopped Joyetech from creating new innovative products though!
Joyetech’s devices are very beginner friendly, and range from mouth to lung to sub ohm devices. They also come small and discreet, to large powerful units that chuck some serious clouds. They know what customers want and continue to provide quality products. Shop Joyetech vape products such as vape kits, Starter Kits, eRoll MAC Battery, Replacement Cartridge, AC Adapter, Cubis BF coils, AIO Coils, Pod System, USB Battery Charger, JVIC Coils, electronic cigarette Mods, Tanks, etc. from Canada Vapes.