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My name is Howie. I started using my e-cigarette in January of 2010, after a 17 year battle with cigarettes. I haven’t had a tobacco cigarette in over six years, and I have never felt better. Feel free to read my e-cigarette story.

I created Canada Vapes with the goal of becoming Canada’s first resource for all things e-cigarette. I have written and compiled as much reliable and factual e-cigarette information that is available. My Canadian e-cigarette Vape Store has everything you need to get you started in the wonderful world of e-cigarettes. Canada Vapes offers instructional and informational Vaping Videosclinical studiestestimonials, product reviews, current Canadian electronic cigarette Laws & Health Canada information and their view on e-cigarettes, as well as benefits and risks associated with the e-cigarette. The internet is a jungle of misinformed and untrue information about the electronic cigarette and its safety. I want fellow Canadians to be well equipped with accurate information about electronic cigarettes.
In Canada, using an electronic cigarette is your choice.


Electronic cigarettes and Canada

The Electronic cigarette – a.k.a. the e-cigarette, personal vaporizer, e-cig, e-smoke, and P.V. (personal vaporizer) – is a relatively new product invented by Hon Lik of Hong Kong in 2003. The first electronic cigarette was called the Ruan, meaning “almost like smoke”. It is an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Instead of ingesting over 4,000 chemicals along with your nicotine when smoking tobacco cigarettes, the e-cigarette liquid nicotine – called e-liquid or e-juice – contains just four items: Water, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerinnicotine, and flavour. Visit our Health area to read the studies done on the electronic cigarette, e-liquid, and nicotine. It is up to you to make an informed decision about electronic cigarettes, their risks, and their benefits.

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way, even in the last few years, with many awesome improvements recently.  No longer do electronic cigarettes devices require regular filling, charging and maintenance.  No longer do e-cigarettes produce inconsistent drags and poor performance.  Our E-Cigarette Starter Kits use batteries that last all day, and accessories that hold enough e-liquid that you don’t have to carry e-liquid with you when you are out and about.   We offer our e-cigarettes in 4 different categories:  Beginners starter kits, intermediate starter kits, advanced starter kits, and sub ohm starter kits.  The sub-ohm scene has blown up in a big way over the past year.  Sub ohm vaping really kicks vaping up to a new level, allowing you to produce clouds of vapor and intense taste with our sub ohm starter kits.

Not only do we sell some of the top named e-cigarette starter kits, but Canada Vapes also sells a huge line of Canadian made e-liquid.  Whether you are looking for a tobacco e-liquid  — We sell Do More Eh (Dumaurier) eliquid ejuice Play it Light (players light) and Xpert Eh (Export A) to name just a few.  We have over 75 custom e-liquid flavours to choose from.   Our e-liquid comes in drink flavoured e-liquid, Fruit Flavoured e-liquid, Candy/Sweet Flavoured E-Liquid, and of course Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid.  If you are intereested in VG (vegetable glycerin) based e-liquid, we also have a complete line of VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquid as well!  Our e-liquid is available in 5 different nicotine strengths from very high to no nicotine, so if you would like, you can gradually reduce your nicotine levels of your e-liquid.