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Excise Tax Information

The Canadian federal government is introducing a new excise tax that will require every bottle of e-liquid or pre-filled pod sold within Canada to be stamped with an excise stamp sticker. If you are familiar with the excise stickers found on tobacco and cannabis products, you may recognize these stickers. This new tax is judged by the size of the e-liquid bottle or pre-filled pod.

Duty Rate
The additional taxes for your selected vaping product will be applied at checkout.

  • $1 per 2ml, for the first 10ml
  • For containers with more than 10ml, the duty rate would be
    • $5 for the first 10ml
    • $1 for every additional 10ml
Bottle Size Original Price New Required Tax New Price at Checkout
3 x 2ml Pods $14.99 $3 $17.99
30ml $16.99 $7 $23.99
60ml $29.99 $10 $39.99
120ml $49.99 $16 $65.99

Excise Tax Timeline
All bottles produced or imported after October 1st will require this stamp

This new tax will affect all e-liquid bottles and pre-filled pods sold in Canada. A study done by the National Cancer Association found that the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Canada is $12.33. If we take a person who smokes a pack a day, the average cost per year works out to $4,500.45. This means that regardless of the new tax, vaping is still a far cheaper alternative.