E-Liquid Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Canada Vapes E-Liquid

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked question (FAQ) about our exclusive Canada Vapes e-liquid:
Q:  What is in our Canada Vapes E-Liquid?
Our e-liquid contains just 4 ingredients: PG, VG, flavouring, and (optional) nicotine.
USP grade Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol (or PG for short) is an ingredient found in almost every e-liquid in the world.  It helps carry the flavouring of the e-liquid, as well as providing some of the ‘simulated smoke’ or vapor that comes from the.  PG is widely used across the world both inside of food and in food packaging. Examples included cake mix, salad dressing, shaving cream, shampoo & conditioner, anti-antiperspirant, and much more.  It is considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe)  by Health Canada and the USDA, etc. We use pharmaceutical grade Propylene glycol that we import directly from a certified independent health care pharmacy. Propylene Glycol is water-soluble, synthetic, non-toxic, and easily metabolized.
USP grade Vegetable Glycerin: Vegetable Glycerin (or VG for short) is a commonly used item that is GRAS across the world. It is approved both by Health Canada and USDA as GRAS. You will find VG in your shampoos, toothpastes, creams, and many dairy products, processed vegetables and fish, baked goods dairy, precooked pasta, condiments, candies, soups, and much more.  It is widely used across our food preparation and cosmetic areas in Canada. Our Vegetable Glycerin is Kosher, certified Vegan, GMO free, and Allergen Free. Unlike many VG’s on the marketplace that are 99% glycerin, our USG grade Glycerol is 99.7%. It is naturally sourced product derived from palm or coconut. For more information on VG click here
Flavouring: We use high quality flavouring from the world's best and most reliable manufacturers. We ensure that the companies we buy our flavouring from have strict safety and procedural policies, use FDA and/or Health Canada approved flavour creation methods, and are the best quality in the industry. All of our flavoring is sourced from companies in Canada and the US.
Nicotine Base: Our nicotine base is sourced directly from Canada. It is independently tested by a third party, and then tested by Canada Vapes internally before use.
Bottles: We use PET plastic for our bottles. These bottles are non leaching,  meaning you don’t need to worry about plastic residue in your e-liquid. We also use a child proof caps as well as tamper evident caps. This ensures that your e-liquid has not been opened and protects our Children from accidental exposure.
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Canada Vapes Canadian made e-liquid:
Q:  What is the ratio of your e-liquid?
We use a 70:30 blend of e-liquid. After many years of testing, we find this blend to optimize both the flavour production as well as the amount of vapor produced.
Q:  Is your e-liquid peanut free?
All of our flavoring are peanut and nut free.  However we do use artificial nut flavoring in several of our e-liquids.  If you have a nut or peanut allergy we recommend not using our e-liquid. We also cannot guarantee that our e-liquid manufacturing laboratory is nut or peanut free.
Q:  What nicotine strength should I choose?
This is not an easy question to answer.  There are two major factors that determine what nicotine strength e-liquid you should choose.  The first is how much you currently smoke, and what strength cigarettes.  The more you smoke - the higher nicotine you will likely need. If you smoke a pack a day, you might look at 12mg/ml or 16mg/ml e-liquid.  If you smoke less then ½ a pack a day, 6mg/ml or 9mg/ml may work for you.  The second thing to consider is what device you are using.  Larger battery ‘sub ohm’ style e-cigarettes produce a lot of vapor, and therefore produce a lot of nicotine.  For these devices you will need a lower nicotine level then with other lower wattage devices.  Its recommended your first time to try several different nicotine strength e-liquids until you figure out what will work for you. Ever vaper is different, and every device, coil, and tank works a bit differently.
Q:  What tastes most like a cigarette?
The truth is - there is no e-liquid that will taste exactly like a cigarette.  Cigarettes burn paper, and since there is no burning that happens when vaping (our e-liquid vaporizers into a mist) it is impossible to replicate the exact taste when smoking a cigarette.  That being said, in my humble opinion, our tobacco e-liquids taste even better than cigarettes!  My advice to you is to read through our customer reviews of all of our tobacco e-liquids and then see for yourself what one appeals to you.  Or better yet, pick up a tobacco sampler pack so you can review our top selling tobacco e-liquids.
Q:  Does the e-liquid expire?  If so when?
E-liquid has a very long shelf life. Our e-liquid is best within 2 years of manufacture date. You can find a best before date on all of our e-liquid.
Q:  What is steeping e-liquid?  Do I need to steep your e-liquid?
Steeping is a fancy way to let the e-liquid sit for a while.  Our e-liquid (when necessary) is optimized steeping time ensuring the best possible flavour.  You do not need to steep any Canada Vapes e-liquid. That being said, some of our e-liquids (especially non-clear e-liquids) will get darker as they age.  This is a simple process of oxidation between the nicotine and the other ingredients and is completely normal. It will not change the taste or nicotine level of your e-liquid.
Q:  How is your e-liquid made?
All of our e-liquid is made in house in our laboratory specially designed for e-liquid manufacturing.  While we cannot provide all of our e-liquid manufacturing secrets, we use weight based e-liquid creation using the specific weight of the various ingredients (PG, VG, and flavouring) which is much more accurate then measuring using traditional volume (think beakers and flasks). We use HEPA filtration in our labs and all of our staff wear appropriate laboratory apparel (masks, goggles, etc.) to ensure their safety, as well as to ensure the purity and consistency of our e-liquid.
Q:  Is your e-liquid diacetyl free?
I’ll answer this question and attempt to alleviate your concern.  Our e-liquid is diacetyl free. That being said, diacetyl is a ‘hyped up’ word that has been over-blown by the media.  Diacetyl is an organic compound that naturally occurs in alcohol, and is added to many popular products available for sale in our supermarkets.  Keep in mind that the level of diacetyl in traditional tobacco cigarettes is 100 times greater than in any e-liquids, and to date there has never been a history of ‘popcorn lung’ in smokers.  For a very good video discussing diacetyl and e-liquid, please click HERE.  Also, check out this Article contains informative information on diacetyl.
Q:  Why does my e-liquid change colour?
Your e-liquid will very likely darken in colour as it ages.  This is totally normal and does not affect the taste or the nicotine levels. This happens naturally as a result of oxygenation. Nicotine being a very reactive substance will oxidize with the other ingredients in the e-liquid causing it to slowly darken over time.  The higher the percentage of nicotine in your e-liquid, the darker your e-liquid will become. This in no way will affect the taste or nicotine levels of your e-liquid.
Q:  Can you mix e-liquids together?
Absolutely!  Feel free to experiment by mixing our e-liquids together. Many people add a little menthol e-liquid to many of their e-liquids to give it a bit of a minty freshness. We also sell flavour shots, allowing you to experiment with your own flavourings. We also sell empty e-liquid bottles that you can use to experiment.
Are your e-liquids sugar free?  Are they OK for Diabetics?
Our e-liquid is sugar free. Nicotine does raise blood sugar levels, so for this reason we recommend diabetics use nicotine free e-liquid.
Q:  Is Vaping safer than smoking?
Being Canadian, we cannot legally answer this question.  Our strict government forbids us from making any health claims.  I will simply state that e-liquid contains 3-4 ingredients, while tobacco cigarettes contain 1000+ ingredients (hundreds of which are linked to causing cancer and other health diseases) - We can also state that Public Health England has stated that THEY believe e-cigarettes are AT LEAST 95% safer than smoking. Click this link for more info:
Q:  Are there calories vaping e-liquids?
There are no calories in e-liquid - no need to worry anyone watching their weight.  The flavours you ‘taste’ are inhaled and not ingested.
Q:  Will your e-liquid hurt me if I spill it on my skin?
If left on your skin, e-liquid with nicotine can absorb into your skin.  It is recommended that you wash the affected area with soap and water if you spill some e-liquid on your skin.
Q:  Will e-liquid wash out of my clothing?
Depending on the flavouring, e-liquid can stain your clothing.  Certain flavouring we use can stain clothing, so if you do spill e-liquid on your clothes it is recommended to wet the area and wash your clothes using the same methods you would use when dealing with a food stain.

If you have any questions not covered above, you can contact us anytime at 1-844-286-VAPE - We are here to help!