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Nova Scotia Bill 90 passed with amendments

Nova Scotia’s Bill 90: Amendments Favouring Vaping

Nova Scotia’s Bill 90, the first e-cigarette related provincial bill to be enacted in Canada, was ultimately amended to alleviate potential issues for vape shops in Nova Scotia.

The Aim of Bill 90

The primary aim of Bill 90 was to regulate tobacco, particularly flavored tobacco, effectively banning its sale. Initially, e-cigarettes were added to the bill, equating them with tobacco cigarettes.

Amendments to the Bill

Thanks to the protests of vapers and vaping advocates in Nova Scotia, several amendments were added to the final bill, reducing the difficulties vape shops would have faced if the bill had passed as originally written. These amendments included:

  • Excluding e-juice/e-liquid from the restrictions, allowing vape shops to continue selling flavored e-liquid.
  • Allowing vape shops to continue selling and displaying e-cigarettes, provided they restrict customers to those aged 19 and over.

Changes to Tobacco Legislation

The following changes made to tobacco legislation in the fall will also be effective from May 31, 2015:

  • Under the Smoke-free Places Act, e-cigarettes and waterpipes will not be used in indoor public places or workplaces in Nova Scotia.
  • Under the Tobacco Access Act, vendors will have to treat e-cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes. This includes:
    • Keeping them out of view, unless the store sells only e-cigarettes and minors are not permitted entry.
    • No point-of-sale promotion.
    • No signage or advertising outside the store.
    • No selling to minors (youth under 19).
    • No selling in pharmacies and other places where tobacco sales are prohibited.

Adult Nova Scotians (19 and older) will continue to have access to e-cigarettes from most current vendors. While e-cigarettes are being treated like regular cigarettes in retail settings, they will not be taxed as a tobacco product.




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