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CVG Menthol

5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)



CVG Menthol E-Liquid: Pure and Refreshing

This e-liquid is proudly made in Canada

Unmatched Purity and Freshness in Every Puff

Experience the true essence of menthol with CVG Menthol E-Liquid. We take pride in crafting this flavour with 100% pure raw menthol crystals, ensuring an unadulterated menthol taste that stands out for its purity and freshness. No additives or fillers – just the crisp and cool menthol you love.

USDA Certified Vegan and Kosher Menthol Crystals

Our commitment to quality shines through using USDA certified vegan and Kosher menthol crystals. These high-quality crystals guarantee an authentic menthol experience that aligns with the highest purity and ethical sourcing standards. Enjoy the sharp minty scent and refreshing sensation that only the best menthol can provide.

Versatility Meets Excellence – Perfect for Mixing

CVG Menthol is not just a standalone flavour; it’s a versatile choice for vapers who love to experiment. Mix it with other flavours to add a menthol kick and elevate your vaping experience. Discover the endless possibilities of combining CVG Menthol with your favourite e-liquids.

Customer Favorites – Crisp, Fresh, and Strong

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who describe CVG Menthol as “Very cool,” “refreshing and clean,” the “best flavour of menthol out there,” and “crisp, fresh, and strong.” It’s not just a menthol e-liquid; it’s a memorable vaping experience loved by those who appreciate the pure and refreshing taste of menthol.

The CVG Advantage 

Explore the CVG line, our brand new collection of high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquids, including the exceptional CVG Menthol. VG provides a ‘thick’ sensation to your vapor, and with its slightly sweet taste, it enhances the overall enjoyment of your vaping sessions. Perfect for sub-ohm devices, CVG Menthol guarantees the smoothest hit and a better feel for your device and coils.

Quality Since 2010 – Trust in Every Bottle

With a decade-long commitment to quality, Canada Vapes has been crafting top-notch e-liquids, including the remarkable CVG Menthol. Discover why our e-liquid rocks.

Safety First, Quality Always – Your FAQs Answered

Rest easy knowing that CVG Menthol E-Liquid, like all our e-liquids, comes with child-proof caps, is packaged in safe PET plastic bottles, and is best enjoyed within one year of purchase. For more details on ingredients, nicotine, or safety, explore our E-liquid FAQ Section.

Order your bottle today and enjoy the unmatched menthol goodness that sets this e-liquid apart.

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1 review for CVG Menthol

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sylvain Savoie (verified owner)

    Je suis très satisfait de tout en fait !!! La variété de produit, la facilité de naviguer sur la page web, les temps de livraison et finalement le produit que j’affectionne particulièrement le CVG Menthol !!! Tout est très bien !!!!

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