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Kanger EVOD VV 1300mAh Battery



Dependable Power with the Kanger EVOD VV 1300mAh Battery

The Kanger EVOD VV 1300mAh Battery series sets the standard for dependable and high-end e-cigarette power systems. Featuring stainless steel endpoints, a metal button, and a 510 to eGo thread, this battery is compatible with all our clearomizers, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

Revolutionary Spring Connector

Establish a strong and stable connection between your battery and e-cigarette tank with the innovative spring connector technology. This unique feature ensures reliable performance and eliminates the frustration of intermittent connections.

Variable Voltage Control

Customize your vaping experience with variable voltage control ranging from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. Simply adjust the rotary style knob to find the perfect voltage setting for your preferences.

Long-lasting Battery Life

With a generous capacity of 1300mAh, the Kanger EVOD VV battery provides extended vaping sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Enjoy uninterrupted vaping enjoyment throughout the day.

Safety Features

Prevention from over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and over-discharge protection ensures the safety and stability of your vaping experience. The LED power indicator conveniently notifies you of your battery’s charge level.

Easy-to-use and Lockable

The Kanger EVOD VV battery features an easy-to-push metal button and a lockable function activated by 5 rapid clicks in 2 seconds, preventing accidental activation and ensuring safe storage during transportation.


– New Spring Loaded Center Pin

– Connection: eGo and 510

– Colors: Black, Stainless

– Requires charger

Important Safety Information

Ensure safe handling and usage of your Kanger EVOD VV 1300mAh battery by following proper safety guidelines. Protect yourself and your device by understanding the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries and adhering to recommended handling procedures.

Order Yours Today

Order now and enjoy dependable power, customizable voltage control, and enhanced safety features for a superior vaping experience.

Canada Vapes holds no responsibility for the improper use of our batteries. It is your responsibility to understand the dangers as well as the proper procedures for handling li-ion based battery cells. Contact your local municipality for li-ion battery disposal locations. Many electronics stores offer battery recycling. You may also visit: Call2Recycle® | Canada



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