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SMOK NORD 4 Pod System

4.17 out of 5
(6 customer reviews)



  • Built-in 2000mAh battery
  • Fires up to 80W
  • Uses SMOK NORD 4 RPM2 Coils
  • Uses SMOK NORD 4 RPM2 Pods

Canada Vapes SMOK NORD 4 Starter Kit Review

The NORD 4 Pod System is the exciting new upgraded release from SMOK to follow up the super-popular original NORD and NORD 2 vape kit. This kit follows the CRC guidelines upon looking at the pod, you will see a little switch to the side of the coil. Simply slide and hold the switch over and pull the coil out. With an all new dual airflow it allows you to have full control of the air intake by using the two steering wheels on each side of the device. The NORD 4 offers a massive 2000mAh battery and an output of 80W. This pod system will last a full day on a single charge while still giving you the abilities of blowing a massive cloud without draining the battery! The NORD 4 come with two pods with pre-installed coils, you will find inside your kit a pod with a RPM 2 Mesh coil 0.16Ω & another pod with an RPM Mesh 0.4Ω coil. The NORD 4 is only compatible with the RPM coils.

Our in-house testers loved the size of the battery and large e-liquid capacity as well as the dual airflow to fully customize your experience. This device makes vaping on the go quite convenient by having a 2000mAh battery with a 4.5ml pod capacity!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This device does not work with any older NORD products. 

Your SMOK NORD 4 Starter Kit Includes:

SMOK NORD 4 Pod System Features:

Type-C Fast Charge

The SMOK NORD 4 uses a Type-C USB charging port to refill its battery quickly.  This charging port is available just about anywhere, from computers to game consoles, to televisions.  This allows you to plug in your device just about anywhere!  If you want to charge this in your car we have available car adapters for your use.

Convenient Replacement Cartridges

The NORD 4 uses affordable & convenient replacement pods that hold 4.5ml of your favourite e-liquid. Replacement cartridges are available in 3 Packs and are not colour specific so they can be used with any NORD 4 colour option.  Only to be used with the RPM2 Pods.

Portable & Compact

The SMOK NORD 4 is the newest portable pod system presented by SMOK and is the replacement for the highly popular SMOK NORD & SMOK NORD 2. It’s easy to carry with its compact size, lightweight, and smooth body.  This is perfect for the office, travel, a night out, or as a portable backup option.  If secrecy and discretion is what you are after the NORD 4 knows how to keep a secret.

Standard Safety Features

As an industry leader SMOK has thought of nearly everything.  A few safety features we are sure will bring you peace of mind include Pod Detection, 8 Second Cut-Off, Low Voltage Protection, and Short Circuit Protection.  Quality build paired with practical technology is what we’ve come to expect from this SMOK.

Frequently asked questions about the SMOK NORD 4:

Q: How long do the NORD 4 battery’s last?

A:  This really depends on personal use.  The SMOK NORD 4 has a built in 2000mAh lithium ion battery.  If you are a casual vapour, the NORD 4 battery will last you close to a full day.  If you are a heavy vapour, expect to charge the SMOK NORD 4 once through the day.  The convenient Type-C charging port allows you to recharge your battery quickly just about anywhere!

Q: What is your warranty on the SMOK NORD 4?

A: As with all of our starter kits, the SMOK NORD 4 comes with a full 60 day warranty against manufacture defects.  This warranty only begins when the product arrives to your door.   For any issues with your SMOK NORD 4, you may call us at 1-844-286-VAPE, or fill out a support ticket.   You can also contact SMOK support directly at support@smoktech.com.

Q: How often should I replace my SMOK NORD 4 Pod?

A: The life of your pod is determined by the frequency of use and the type of e-liquid used (i.e. PG vs VG ratio).  Higher VG e-liquids may be thicker and therefore harder on the warming elements of the NORD 4. Based on the device specifications higher PG e-liquids, such as Canada Vapes E-liquid,  or Nic Salts, would be ideal.  When the user begins to experience leaking, reduction in flavor, and/or a reduction in vapor production.  Simply replace the pod with a new one.

Q: Pods are new to me.  What should I know?

A: No problem, everyone starts somewhere.  Here are a few tips we hope you find helpful:

  • Fill new & unused pods with e-liquid by pulling out the silicone stopper at the side-fill port.  Be gentle.
  • Only the indented bottom part of the stopper should be removed (Not the entire silicone stopper)
  • Do not overfill the cartridge/pod.  80% full works best.
  • Insert silicone stopper & set the entire unit aside for several minutes to allow full saturation. This is will reduce the likelihood of unpleasant ‘dry hits’.
  • When reinserting the cartridge ensure the pressure sensor inside the battery and the sensor hole on the pod are aligned on the same side
  • Avoid allowing the pod to get to less than 20% full with e-liquid.  This prevents the coil from drying out.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 104.9mm by 33.7mm by 24.4mm
  • Integrated 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-80W
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.5V-4.0V
  • Resistance Range: 0.15Ω-2.5Ω
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Single Button Operation – Firing & Wattage Adjustment
  • 0.69″” OLED Display Screen

Downloads and other information:

The official SMOK NORD 4 & Replacement Pod information page can be found HERE.

SMOK NORD 4 Videos:

Below is a YouTube video from WVPH briefly showing the unboxing of the NORD 4.

6 reviews for SMOK NORD 4 Pod System

  1. 5 out of 5

    Iris Lindgren (verified owner)

    I love this Nord . I’m a pretty constant vaper It holds a lot of oil in its reservoir and lastsit lasts all day

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nathan Ellsworth (verified owner)

    Awesome product for the price definitely worth every dollar highly recommend

  3. 1 out of 5

    João Figueira (verified owner)

    Not sure if im really unlucky but i was sat on my chair working and the damn thing fell from my pocket and it broke! Falling from a chair! The wattage buttons doesnt work anymore and i cant do anything but throw it in the garbage.

    It looks sturdy but in fact the hardware seems to be pretty cheap since it broke falling from about half meter tall!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Alison Trott (verified owner)

    I am surprising impressed with this vape. The charge last all day and most of the night. I am also impressed with the size of the pod. I only have to fill it once a day. The mouth part of the vape is large bit it is not uncomfortable. I never had any issues with it leaking

  5. 5 out of 5

    hamza_ashraf2000 (verified owner)

    Great starter vape. Haven’t had any major issues with it. It’s easy to use and the blue leather looks very classy

  6. 4 out of 5

    Daniel Beatty (verified owner)

    Overall it’s a good vape. There was mild spitback that seems to come and go while smoking, nothing too annoying. The only problem I have had so far is that the tank leaked overnight on the first night I had it. Not a lot, but enough to have to clean the contacts of the vape and to clean the pod. Last night I left the pod on a plate overnight and it didn’t leak at all. I don’t know what happened that first night as it was upright all night but it did.

    Also, the battery is great. It is currently at 52% (310 puffs) and I haven’t charged it since the first full charge after getting it and that was 2.5 days ago.

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