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UWELL Caliburn G coils

4.00 out of 5
(5 customer reviews)


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UWELL Caliburn G Coils(4 Pack)

Indulge into the pinnacle of vaping technology with the UWELL Caliburn G coils, now available in a convenient 4-pack at Canada Vapes. Engineered with the latest innovations from UWELL, these coils introduce a plug-and-play style for effortless coil replacement. The Caliburn G coils are designed to deliver unparalleled flavour and vapour production. 

Key Features

Plug-and-Play Design: The Caliburn G coils feature a plug-and-play style, simplifying the coil replacement process. Switching coils has never been easier—simply remove the pod from your device, extract the old coil, and insert the new one. Ensure the flat part of the base aligns with the pod for optimal performance.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with the UWELL Caliburn G pod system and UWELL Caliburn G Pods, these coils offer versatility for various vaping styles. Whether you prefer MTL or DL vaping, the Caliburn G coils provide an exceptional vaping experience.

Meshed-H Coil Technology: Engineered with UN2 Meshed-H coil technology, these coils maximize surface area contact with the e-liquid, resulting in enhanced flavour and vapour production. Enjoy rich, satisfying flavour with every puff.

Wide Range of Wattage: With a 0.8Ω resistance, these coils offer a wide wattage range for customized vaping. Whether you prefer lower wattage for MTL vaping or higher wattage for DL vaping, the Caliburn G coils deliver consistent performance.

Product Includes

4 x UWELL 0.8Ω UN2 Meshed-H Coils

4 x UWELL 1.0Ω UN2 Coils


UWELL Caliburn G coils are Designed for convenience, versatility, and exceptional performance. These coils offer everything you need for a satisfying vaping experience. Try them today and discover the difference for yourself.

5 reviews for UWELL Caliburn G coils

  1. 5 out of 5


    0.8 coils are a must in the explorer pods. specifically the case with 12 monkeys juice.
    the g2 coils just don’t cut the performance of the .8’s if you are coming off from smoking cigarettes.
    50/50 salt and 70/30 freebase both work fine in these.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mp (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 packs and I’m my opinion these are better then the OEM pod coils.. especially for the 12 monkeys juice. the mesh coil is way better then the original star shaped coils

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have used these coils for the past 3 yrs; they are great and a great savings. All I want is to never smoke cigarettes’ again and this does it for me.

  4. 2 out of 5

    Navid Assadian (verified owner)

    I could not use these coils since my pods are CRC version. These coils are not compatible with CRC version pods. To see the difference, take a look at your pod, If the bottom of the coil is round with no flat side, it is CRC version, and the coils of them are not replaceable.

  5. 3 out of 5

    Mark (verified owner)

    The taste you get with these coils is great, unfortunately, they last only about 3 days, compared to the pods that come with the kit, they last about a week. It’s a bit disappointing as they are quite expensive for coils. I’ve had 3-4 of them leak on me so bad that it wrecked one of the kit batteries. Customer service was great at replacing the kit but I think I’ll be looking for a different system after this. I really wanted to like this cause the taste is great but does not last long at all.

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