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Vivant Ambit Mesh Screens


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Vivant Ambit Mesh Screens: Upraise Your Vaping Experience

Keep your Vivant Ambit dry herb vaporizer performing at its best with these Vivant Ambit mesh screens. Designed specifically for the Ambit, these screens offer several benefits to enhance your vaping experience:

Improved Airflow

The mesh design of these screens allows for better airflow, ensuring smoother draws with each puff. Say goodbye to clogged or restricted airflow and enjoy consistent vapour production.

Easier Cleaning

With these mesh screens in place, cleaning your vaporizer becomes a breeze. The mesh design prevents debris and residue from clogging the mouthpiece, making it easier to maintain your device.

Pack of 5

Each pack contains 5 replacement mesh screens, providing you with an ample supply for regular maintenance. Keep your vaporizer performing optimally by replacing the screens as needed.

Ensure Proper Airflow

Regularly changing your mesh screens is essential to maintain proper airflow and avoid the buildup that can affect vapour quality. With these replacement screens, you can ensure that your Ambit vaporizer delivers consistent and satisfying vapour every time.

Enjoy smoother draws, easier cleaning, and enhanced performance with these essential accessories for your dry herb vaporizer.


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