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UWELL Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods


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UWELL Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods: Seamless Vaping

UWELL Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods, are specifically designed for use with the UWELL Caliburn GK2 Starter Kit. Each pack includes two pods, ensuring you have a spare on hand for uninterrupted vaping sessions. These pods offer versatility and customization to suit your vaping preferences.

Key Features and Specifications

1. Generous Capacity

The Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods boast a 2ml e-liquid capacity, providing ample space to hold your favourite e-liquids. Enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for frequent refills.

2. Mesh Coil Options

These pods come with a choice between 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm mesh coils, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. Whether you prefer higher wattage vaping with the 0.8ohm coil or a smoother draw with the 1.2ohm coil, these pods offer versatility to accommodate various vaping styles.

3. Anti-Leak Design

Engineered with an anti-leak design, the Caliburn G2 pods help prevent leakage and spills, ensuring a mess-free vaping experience. 

4. Comfortable Mouthpiece

The pods feature a comfortable mouthpiece design, allowing for comfortable vaping sessions even during extended use. 

Package Includes

2 x UWELL Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods (2ml)

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, these pods provide versatility and customization to suit your vaping preferences.


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