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SMOK Nord GT: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to our SMOK Nord GT Review. SMOK has been a mainstay in the vaping industry for many years, producing some of the best-selling vape devices. The Nord series, now in its sixth iteration and known as the Nord GT, continues this tradition with notable improvements over the Nord 5, including a bigger battery, a raised button, and clear pods.

Design and Appearance

The Nord GT comes in various colours, including traditional finishes, leather-wrapped, and carbon fibre options. These devices are visually appealing and offer a great tactile experience. The fire button is slightly raised and provides a nice tactile feel when pressed—an understated yet pleasant change. The display is on the side and features a single button to control the wattage, keeping it simple and user-friendly. My device is a gradient blue to white, which looks quite impressive. The bigger battery is a significant upgrade, addressing the Nord 5’s shortcoming of needing frequent charging with the 0.15 coils. Now, the Nord GT can easily last a full day with some battery life to spare.

Coils and Pods

The Nord GT utilizes the RPM 3 coils, a reliable system that SMOK has employed for a while. The pods are compatible with the RPM 3 0.15 and 0.23 meshed coil heads, providing a smooth and flavorful vaping experience without being overly hot. The airflow is controlled by a slider mechanism that opens ports on either side, allowing for a range from restricted to wide-open draws. My preferred settings are halfway open with the 0.23 coil and fully open with the 0.15 coil.

Pod Design

SMOK includes a crystal clear pod with the Nord GT, which I find highly practical as it makes monitoring the liquid level effortless. There’s also a transparent black option. The pods are secured by notches rather than magnets, but they hold securely enough that even if the device falls, the pod remains in place. The “duckbill” style mouthpiece is comfortable to use.


The SMOK Nord GT is tailored for intermediate vapers, offering simplicity and functionality in an appealing package. My experience over a week has been smooth, with no significant issues. It’s an excellent value at $49.99. Buy SMOK Nord GT at Canada Vapes. While it’s best suited for traditional e-liquids, its resistance may be too low for Salt Nic.

In summary, the SMOK Nord GT combines style, functionality, and long-lasting performance, making it a recommended choice for intermediate vapers.

We hope you liked our SMOK Nord GT Review. For more information on the product, or if you have any questions, Contact Us, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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