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Uwell Caliburn G3 Lite: Your Next Generation Pod System

Uwell Caliburn G3 Lite Overview

In a market dominated by disposable vapes, the new Uwell Caliburn G3 Lite emerges as a timely solution for those looking to transition to e-liquids. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Caliburn G3, this Lite version offers affordability without compromising on performance.

Cost Efficiency and Versatility

  • Cost Comparison: Priced nearly $20 less than its predecessor, the Caliburn G3 Lite provides a cost-effective alternative for disposable users. A package deal including the device and 60ml of premium salt nicotine costs only $60.98. It is significantly less than purchasing equivalent liquid through disposable options.
  • Wide Flavor Selection: Unlike limited options in disposable devices, the G3 Lite is compatible with over 100 flavours, ranging from salt nic to traditional nicotine lines. It caters to diverse preferences from 1.5mg to 20mg nicotine strengths.

Enhanced Pod System

  • Proven Performance: Based on the successful Caliburn G3 platform, known for its durable pods and rich flavour production. The G3 Lite features redesigned pods with enhanced channelling to prevent leaks and offers two pod options: 0.9 MTL and 0.6 RDL, accommodating different vaping styles.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simplified to draw activation, the G3 Lite eliminates the need for buttons. It is Constructed from lightweight plastic with a clear top. It allows easy visibility of juice levels from any angle—an improvement over its predecessor.
  • Battery Life: Despite its compact size, the G3 Lite includes a slightly larger battery than the G3, ensuring extended use throughout the day.

User Experience

  • Feedback and Functionality: While lacking a charging cable in the package may inconvenience some users, the G3 Lite’s performance and affordability make it a standout choice for transitioning vapers.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade from disposable vapes or seeking a reliable pod system, the Uwell Caliburn G3 Lite offers exceptional value at an unbeatable price point. Its blend of affordability, versatility, and enhanced design makes it a top contender in the pod system market. Don’t miss out on experiencing the next generation of vaping technology—get your Caliburn G3 Lite today!

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