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Kanger Single Coil-5 pack – BLOWOUT

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Kanger Single Coil – 5 Pack

Kanger Single Coil features five high-quality heating coils designed for optimal performance. These coils are compatible with a range of KangerTech devices, ensuring versatility and convenience for vapers. Available in various resistance levels, including 1.8 ohms, 2.2 ohms, and 2.5 ohms, you can customize your vaping experience to suit your preferences.

Key Features

High-Quality Construction: Crafted by KangerTech, these heating coils are made from premium materials to deliver consistent performance and durability.

Multiple Resistance Options: Choose from different resistance levels (1.8 ohms, 2.2 ohms, 2.5 ohms) to customize your vaping experience according to your preferred intensity and flavour profile.

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a range of KangerTech devices, including the EVOD, ProTank 2, mini ProTank 2, Unitank, and mini Unitank, ensuring versatility and ease of use.



– ProTank 2

– Mini ProTank 2

– Unitank

– Mini Unitank

Revolutionize your vaping with the Kanger Single Coil pack and enjoy the enhanced flavour, vapour production, and reliability with every puff. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, these coils provide a seamless vaping experience for all users.


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