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Kanger Single Coil-5 pack

5.00 out of 5
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Kanger Single Coil – 5-Pack

Feel uninterrupted vaping pleasure with our Kanger Single Coil. Crafted by KangerTech, these heating coils are designed to deliver reliable performance and exceptional flavour in every puff. With compatibility across various Kanger tanks, these coils offer versatility and convenience for vapers seeking a seamless vaping experience.

1: Reliable Heating Coils

The Kanger Single Coils are engineered for consistent heating and optimal vaporization of your favourite e-liquids. With precision craftsmanship and quality materials, these coils ensure a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience with each use. Say goodbye to dry hits and uneven vapour production – our coils provide smooth and flavorful clouds every time.

2: Wide Resistance Range

Choose from a range of resistance options to suit your vaping preferences:

– 1.8 ohm

– 2.2 ohm

– 2.5 ohm

Whether you prefer a warmer vape or a cooler draw, our coils offer flexibility to cater to different vaping styles, ensuring a customized experience tailored to your liking.

3: Compatibility Across Kanger Tanks

Our single coils are compatible with a variety of Kanger tanks, including:


– ProTank 2

– Mini ProTank 2

– Unitank

– Mini Unitank

Enjoy seamless compatibility and effortless installation, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tanks without any hassle.

4: Convenient 5-Pack

Each pack contains five Kanger Single Coils, ensuring you always have replacements on hand when you need them. Stock up on these essential coils to keep your vaping sessions uninterrupted and enjoyable.


These coils offer unmatched versatility and convenience for vapers of all levels. Say hello to consistent flavour and satisfying vapour production with every puff.

1 review for Kanger Single Coil-5 pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    Carlo (verified owner)

    Always order these in the 1.8 ohms and have never had any bad in the pack. Always work well.

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