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SMOK NORD 4 RPM Replacement Pods


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SMOK NORD 4 RPM Replacement Pods: Versatile and Convenient

Maximize your vaping experience with the SMOK NORD 4 RPM Replacement Pods, designed specifically for use with the SMOK NORD 4 Pod System. These pods offer versatility in coil selection to suit your vaping preferences.

Key Features

1. 3-Pack with 4.5ml Capacity

This Replacement Pods come in a convenient pack of three. It provides you with a supply of spare pods to keep you vaping uninterrupted. With a large 4.5ml capacity, these pods minimize the need for frequent refills. It allows you to enjoy your favourite e-liquids for longer periods.

2. Compatible with RPM Coils

These replacement pods are specifically designed to be used with RPM coils, offering compatibility with a wide range of coil options. Whether you prefer the performance of RPM coils or want to explore different coil configurations, the NORD 4 RPM pods support your vaping needs.

3. Replaceable Coils

The NORD 4 RPM pods allow you to replace only the coil when needed, eliminating the need to dispose of the entire pod. This feature reduces wastage and expense in the long run, making the NORD 4 system a cost-effective choice for vapers.

4. Wide Compatibility

The NORD 4 RPM Replacement Pods are compatible with both regular e-liquids and nicotine salt e-liquids, providing versatility to cater to different vaping preferences.


3 x SMOK NORD 4 RPM Replacement Pods (4.5ml)

Lastly, With their large capacity, compatibility with RPM coils, and user-friendly design, these pods provide a convenient and satisfying vaping experience for enthusiasts of all levels.


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