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Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Review | Lightweight, Portable, Reliable.

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 in aurora green on a marble kitchen countertop.

Follow along with our Gen Air 40 Review to learn more about this incredible vape pod system kit. When Vaporesso came out with the Gen Air 40 pod device in 2022, it became an instant classic. The main attraction of the Gen Air 40 was how lightweight it was. At only 67g with a 40w … Read more

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Review

Vapoeresso Luxe XR Review: Vape in green, sitting on a marble countertop.

Discover Canada Vape’s exclusive Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Review. The Luxe XR Max is the new and futuristic release from Vaporesso. This compact yet powerful device can do it all, with both a DTL and MTL setting, adjustable settings and more. With the bar constantly being raised, Vaporesso never seems to fail with its innovative … Read more