CLX Vape Review: Revolutionize Your Vaping Experience with the Canadian-Made CLX e-Dvice

CLX Pod device colour options

Read our CLX Vape Review and Revolutionize Your Vaping Experience with the CLX e-Dvice In a world teeming with disposables and pod systems, the CLX e-Dvice emerges as a trailblazer, introducing innovation and versatility like never before. Designed and manufactured in Canada, this game-changing pod e-device is poised to redefine your vaping journey. Compact Powerhouse: Standing … Read more

Dry Herb Vaporizers – Are They Right For You?

Woman in front of neon sign vaping with a dry herb cannabis vaporizer.

Throughout history, the act of smoking herbs has woven itself into countless traditions. Yet, in our modern age, technology has taken a leap forward, presenting us with pocket-sized devices designed for vaping dry herbs. Surprisingly, many individuals remain unaware with how these devices function, or even of their existence! That’s precisely why we’ve crafted this … Read more

5 Tips to Make Your Vaporizer Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Vaporizers are becoming popular on the market used to vape e-liquid. They are also cost-effective as you can use a device for several months. Once you have the battery, your recurring costs will involve replacing coils and e-liquids. The frequency of replacing them depends on how often you use the device. While replacing liquids is straightforward, … Read more

Why Canada Vapes would NEVER target children

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I’m really at a loss here. I just reviewed a Canadian Lung Association commercial against vaping. In it, it shows an ice cream truck, pulling up to what appeared to be a neighbourhood in Toronto, selling ice cream. After describing all the flavors for sale such as bubblegum, vanilla, and other candy flavors, they hand … Read more

Nova Scotia to ban all flavoured vaping products

A photograph of some houses in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has become the third province to suggest restricting vaping in the province. Ontario and  British Columbia have both proposed provincial regulations on vaping, but Nova Scotia’s proposed bans are, by far, the most restrictive in Canada.

The ban is set to come in place April 1, 2020, and it will include the ban of “any flavours of the liquid”. The only available e- liquid and vaping products in Nova Scotia will be tobacco and bland flavor.

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P.E.I. Vaping bill to increase age from 19 to 21, and ban e-liquid flavours.

Photograph of the coast of P.E.I

PC MLA, Cory Deagle, passed the second reading of a private members bill which would restrict where vaping products can be sold, would ban certain flavors, and would also raise the legal age to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes from 19 to 21.

Deagle stated: “These substances, you become addicted to nicotine. In some cases there four or five, 20 times the amount of nicotine and e-cigarette then there is in a regular cigarette.”

The second reading vote was unanimous, with all parties in support of passing the bill. There is also discussion about the possibility of adding taxes when this bill is introduced in the spring.

The bill also addresses where vape products can be sold – indicating they could only be sold in a “tobacconist shop”.

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Trump suggests banning vaping products could lead to “stuff on the street corner that could be horrible”

Portrait of Donald Trump in front of US flag and white house.

President Trump now seems open to the idea that vaping nicotine e-liquid is not ‘killing people’ and the idea of banning all flavoured e-liquids across the United States on a federal level seems to be in question.

Trump stated in a recent press conference:  “The one thing I see, when you watch prohibition, you look at the alcohol, cigarettes, you look at all.   If you don’t give it to them its going to come here illegally.  Instead of legitimate companies… they are going to be selling stuff on the street corner that could be horrible.”

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B.C. Legislation proposed to hike taxes on Vaping products & limit nicotine levels to 20mg/ml

Photo of BC coast.

Health Minister Adrian Dix is planning to introduce new legislation this month that will increase the British Columbia sales tax from 7% to 20% on vaping products. ARTICLE BULLET POINTS: New vaping regulation proposal in British Columbia Raise taxes on vaping products from 7% to 20% Allow flavours outside of tobacco flavours to be sold … Read more

Proposed bill in Saskatchewan will increase restrictions on vaping


Jim Reiter, the Health Minister of Saskatchewan has introduced a bill proposing changes to the tobacco control act. The legal age for smoking in Saskatchewan will remain at 18; however the majority of current tobacco regulations and laws will now be emulated to vaping products. The proposed restrictions will mirror those currently in place for … Read more

Richmond British Columbia bans promotional advertisements for vaping on city property

Ad Standards

City Council voted unanimously against advertisements for vaping products on any city property throughout Richmond British Columbia. Clay Adams, who is the spokesperson for the city of Richmond, states “vaping is a significant health issue. All the evidence suggests that, and this is the at least one thing that we can do. We hope others … Read more