Vaping to be allowed inside of Vape shops in Edmonton

Vaping to be allowed inside of Vape shops in Edmonton

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In a recent decision by city council in Edmonton, Alberta, there was a unanimous vote among councilpersons to allow specialized ‘vape shops’ in Edmonton to vape inside of their stores.

As current vapors know and understand, it is necessary for a new customer to try the product out in order to understand how it works.  Furthermore, with the various e-liquid flavours available, it is impossible to know which flavour will work for you without trying it.  With the seemingly endless push by our Federal, provincial, and local governments against vaping, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid, it is refreshing to hear  something positive.

Councilman Bryan Anderson stated:vaping

“I would hate myself if there were people out there who found a way to quit (smoking) by using e-cigarette materials, and I stood in their way.”

This is the first step in a deep and long battle that we need to win in order to keep our government from essentially banning a scientifically proven live saving device.  As stated by a reader regarding e-cigarette testing:

“There are enough (e-cigarette) studies to break the internet  … The only issue here – none have been done under the auspices of Health Canada, so they don’t recognize them.”

So here we are, a small step in a positive direction.  Hopefully one that many other provinces and cities thinking about e-cigarette bans to consider.


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