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International Study Debunks Vaping-to-Smoking Myth

Close up of a hand ashing a cigarette in an ash-tray.

An international study completed by Queen Mary University in London discovered that vaping does not lead to smoking cigarettes. There have been many myths abound about the link between vaping and smoking. It has been a long-standing belief that vaping could act as a gateway to traditional cigarette smoking. Researchers discovered that there is no … Read more

Interdiction des arômes de vape au Québec: Questions – Réponses

Vape flavour ban symbol.

English Article Here Qu’est-ce que l’interdiction des arômes? À compter du 31 octobre 2023, la province de Québec interdira la vente de tous les produits aromatisés de vapotage/nicotine et d’e-liquides. Les seuls “arômes” autorisés à la vente sous l’Interdiction des arômes au Québec sont les liquides sans arôme et les tabacs. Les fruits, les menthes … Read more

Quebec Vape Flavour Ban – Q&A

Vape flavour ban symbol.

Article en français ici What is the Quebec flavour ban? As of October 31st 2023, the province of Quebec has banned the sale of any flavoured vaping/nicotine products and e-liquids. The only “flavours” allowed to be sold are flavourless liquids and tobaccos. Fruit, mints and others will not be available to purchase under this Quebec … Read more

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul Series – Full Summary and Review

Juul vape with three pods beside it in front of a stark concrete background.

Follow Along with Canada Vapes as we watch The Rise and Fall of Juul. Episode 1: The Spark Episode one of “The Rise and Fall of Juul” starts us off with introducing us to the founders of Juul and how their product came to be. James Monsees and Adam Bowen had one thing in common–their … Read more

Big Vape: New Netflix Documentary on Juul Tells a Controversial Story

Woman's hand holding a Juul vaping device disposable pod vape outdoors.

“Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul” delves into the dramatic trajectory of the Juul vaping device, chronicling its meteoric rise and eventual downfall. A 4 part docu-series is premiering on Netflix, on October 11. The docu-series will be depicting the drastic rise and fall of the infamous vaping device, the Juul. It’s called … Read more

Quebec on Track to Ban Flavoured Vapes Starting Oct. 31

Vape shop shelf with flavoured e-liquids banned in Quebec.

Canadians on edge about Quebec flavoured e-liquids ban. Health Minister Christian Dube announced that on October 31 2023, Quebec plans on banning the sale of all flavoured e-liquids and vaping products. Only tobacco flavoured and unflavoured e-liquid products will be allowed to be sold. This ban aims to deter folks from vaping, especially the younger … Read more

Study Confirms Vaping Far Less Toxic Than Smoking

Vaping habits

A replication study of an experiment on vaping vs smoking has demonstrated that vaping is far less toxic than tobacco cigarettes. The study was overseen by the Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction of the University of Catania or CoEHAR and carried out by 5 separate university research teams. It was part … Read more

Canada Vapes Update on Covid-19

Graphic of a covid 19 cell

To all of our valued customers, 

COVID-19 continues to be a time like no other. Not just in Canada, but the world is living through.  Canada Vapes has been monitoring the situation and following the ever-changing guidelines set by our Government. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and our communities remain our top priority during this time.

Following the government guidelines, our retail location remains temporarily closed to the public. We continue to do all we can to support our customers through our online store.

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Vaping Vindicated! Vitamin E Acetate “Strongly Linked” to Vaping Outbreak says CDC.

Vitamin E Acetate Molecule

The Center for Disease Control has finally vindicated the vaping world.

In September, the CDC released a blanket statement warning against the dangers of all vaping products. Even though it was suggested by other sources that nicotine vaping was not the culprit, the CDC and other news sources brought fear to all nicotine vaping individuals.   As early as September 19th, 2019 we reported that the vaping lung breakout was very likely a result of Vitamin E acetate, and had nothing to do with traditional nicotine e-liquid vaping products.  5 months later, the CDC finally agrees. Unfortunately, the major news outlets across  North America ran with the original story, lumping in nicotine vapes such as these with illicit THC infused vapes being sold on the street or on the black market.

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