Study Confirms Vaping Far Less Toxic Than Smoking

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A replication study of an experiment on vaping vs smoking has demonstrated that vaping is far less toxic than tobacco cigarettes. The study was overseen by the Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction of the University of Catania or CoEHAR and carried out by 5 separate university research teams. It was part … Read more

Canada Vapes Update on Covid-19

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To all of our valued customers, 

COVID-19 continues to be a time like no other. Not just in Canada, but the world is living through.  Canada Vapes has been monitoring the situation and following the ever-changing guidelines set by our Government. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and our communities remain our top priority during this time.

Following the government guidelines, our retail location remains temporarily closed to the public. We continue to do all we can to support our customers through our online store.

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Vaping Vindicated! Vitamin E Acetate “Strongly Linked” to Vaping Outbreak says CDC.

Image of the structure of a vitamin E Acetate molecule

The Center for Disease Control has finally vindicated the vaping world.

In September, the CDC released a blanket statement warning against the dangers of all vaping products. Even though it was suggested by other sources that nicotine vaping was not the culprit, the CDC and other news sources brought fear to all nicotine vaping individuals.   As early as September 19th, 2019 we reported that the vaping lung breakout was very likely a result of Vitamin E acetate, and had nothing to do with traditional nicotine e-liquid vaping products.  5 months later, the CDC finally agrees. Unfortunately, the major news outlets across  North America ran with the original story, lumping in nicotine vapes such as these with illicit THC infused vapes being sold on the street or on the black market.

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50,000-70,000 smokers quit each year using vapes in England, a UCL study finds

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A recent study published by the scientific journal of addiction in England found a positive link between the effectiveness of people quitting smoking when using e-cigarettes.

The study that was led by University College London researchers, and was funded by Cancer Research UK, found a correlation between the success rates of quitting smoking and the use of e-cigarettes starting in 2011.

Further, in England, the number of smokers using e-cigarettes leveled out about four years ago and so did the success rate of quitting smoking.

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Increase in youth vaping, I know why!

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*HINT: It’s not the flavours*

Youth are using ultra-high nicotine vapes to get high.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping products have been on the market commercially for about 15 years. Vapes have always been available in many flavours, including fruity and candy flavours. It is been only in the last few years that there has been an unfortunate growth in the use of vaping products by teenagers. If a product has been around for 15 years and then suddenly gains popularity in a particular demographic, we need to look at changes made during this period of time to determine what factors led to this change.

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P.E.I. Vaping bill to increase age from 19 to 21, and ban e-liquid flavours.

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PC MLA, Cory Deagle, passed the second reading of a private members bill which would restrict where vaping products can be sold, would ban certain flavors, and would also raise the legal age to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes from 19 to 21.

Deagle stated: “These substances, you become addicted to nicotine. In some cases there four or five, 20 times the amount of nicotine and e-cigarette then there is in a regular cigarette.”

The second reading vote was unanimous, with all parties in support of passing the bill. There is also discussion about the possibility of adding taxes when this bill is introduced in the spring.

The bill also addresses where vape products can be sold – indicating they could only be sold in a “tobacconist shop”.

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Canadian Vaping Association suggests banning flavours is not the right option for Canada.

Samual Tam

Samuel Tam, the president of the Canadian Vaping Association had an interview with CBC News: Compass last Thursday.  In his conversation, he shared his concern regarding the proposed bill in Prince Edward Island that would severely restrict the flavours of e-liquid available for vapers in that province.  Tam stated: “There are other ways to regulate … Read more

Trump suggests banning vaping products could lead to “stuff on the street corner that could be horrible”

Portrait of Donald Trump in front of US flag and white house.

President Trump now seems open to the idea that vaping nicotine e-liquid is not ‘killing people’ and the idea of banning all flavoured e-liquids across the United States on a federal level seems to be in question.

Trump stated in a recent press conference:  “The one thing I see, when you watch prohibition, you look at the alcohol, cigarettes, you look at all.   If you don’t give it to them its going to come here illegally.  Instead of legitimate companies… they are going to be selling stuff on the street corner that could be horrible.”

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B.C. Legislation proposed to hike taxes on Vaping products & limit nicotine levels to 20mg/ml

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Health Minister Adrian Dix is planning to introduce new legislation this month that will increase the British Columbia sales tax from 7% to 20% on vaping products. ARTICLE BULLET POINTS: New vaping regulation proposal in British Columbia Raise taxes on vaping products from 7% to 20% Allow flavours outside of tobacco flavours to be sold … Read more