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Alberta Vaping Information

Edmonton, Alberta skyline above a body of water.

Welcome to Canada Vapes, your premier destination for vaping enthusiasts in Alberta Welcome to Canada Vapes, your trusted source for all things vaping in Alberta, Canada. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or just starting your journey, our commitment to quality and excellence makes us the top choice for vapers across Alberta. Vaping Laws in Alberta … Read more

CRC Requirements & Guidelines

CRC compliance,Requirements and guidelines in Canadian Vaping Industry

The Government of Canada has required that all new E-cigarette devices & accessories are to be CRC-compliant and CRC-certified. CRC stands for Child Resistant Containers. What does this mean to Canada Vapes consumers? In short, the government is making it so devices are child-proof to prevent our youth from getting into the tanks, pods, and … Read more

Vaping to be allowed inside of Vape shops in Edmonton

Women Inside Vape Shop in Edmonton

In a recent decision by city council in Edmonton, Alberta, there was a unanimous vote among councilpersons to allow specialized ‘vape shops‘ in Edmonton to vape inside of their stores. As current vapors know and understand, it is necessary for a new customer to try the product out in order to understand how it works.  … Read more

Calgary Alberta projected e-cigarette ban the most aggressive in Canada

Calgary Alberta

Calgary Counselors seeking one of Canada’s toughest crackdowns on e-cigarette use.   One of the last big Canadian cities to ban smoking in bars is on the brink of passing one of the country’s most sweeping ban on where e-cigarette clouds can be puffed — restaurants, stores, offices, transit, playgrounds and more. When public health … Read more