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CRC Requirements & Guidelines 2021

The Government of Canada has required that all new E-cigarette devices & accessories are to be CRC compliant and CRC certified. CRC stands for Child Resistant Containers. What does the mean to Canada Vapes consumers? In short, the government is making it so devices are child proof to prevent our youth from getting into the tanks, pods, and glassomizers that hold or store e-liquid. This is a good thing for vaping as it reduces harm for children as consuming these can be dangerous! It may mean a little extra work for filling e-liquid but in the long run it is an easy, common sense step forward for the vaping industry.

Not sure of your hardware if CRC Certified? Just look for the symbol!


What is the difference between CRC Compliant & CRC Certified?

CRC Certified would be devices that are filled by the person using it, devices like:

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  • Tanks
  • Coils & Atomizers
  • Cartridges & Pods
  • Open Pod Systems


CRC Compliant devices would include, devices that are disposable and the consumer would not fill, such as:

  • Disposable Vaping Devices
  • Sealed and/or Pre-filled Cartridges & Pods
  • Press-To-Fill Devices

What does this mean for you?
This may effect you if you were to purchase a kit or accessory that you have in the past. Upon opening your purchase, it may look the same until you are to fill the device, there may be something blocking where you fill the liquid that may need to be maneuvered out of the way. There may also be a a lock, almost like a switch that has to be held to release the coil. All of these extra steps are ensuring that our children & youth are not being harmed by the e-liquid inside.

When will this take place?

We have until July 1st, 2021 to have our devices to be CRC compliant or CRC certified. After that, devices that do not have the CRC sticker may not be able to be sold. This is happening across Canada and Canada Vapes moving forward will carry only CRC compliant & certified devices to ensure our youth is not vulnerable to any liquid or nicotine that is associated to any device.

What does this mean for the future of vaping in Canada?

This may have an effect on the Canadian vaping industry, as some of the vape companies that distribute to Canada may not have an incentive to produce these products in order to cater to the Canadian market. It is possible they may not want to design a new style for some of their devices as it is not needed elsewhere around the world (CRC guidelines are exclusive to Canada). You can still expect the bigger names such as Aspire, Vaporesso, SMOK, and others to get on board with this as most are already doing so. In fact, click HERE to learn more about Vaporesso's commitment to these new safety guidelines!

Here is a video that explains more about CRC compliance from Gio on YouTube.

The Government of Canada has provided us a industry guide named ‘Industry Guide to Vaping Products Subject to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act’ and can be viewed by clicking HERE. Also, if you would like to read more about the laws surrounding the CRC (Child-Resistant Containers) Guidelines click HERE for more information.

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