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Have your voice heard, prevent a nationwide flavour ban!

Fight to save flavored vaping products & prevent them from sending us back to tobacco


New Vaping Regulations Coming Effecting All Canadian Vapers!

The Federal and Provincial governments, including Health Canada, are moving forward with regulations & legislation that will change the landscape of the Canadian vaping industry for manufacturers, retailers, and customers. The rules are changing quickly, quietly, and with little input from vapers. Canada Vapes is a proud member of the Canadian Vaping Association, and have worked with reputable companies such as Pacific Smoke to lobby on behalf of our customer’s right & freedoms.

It is time for Canadian vapers to take action!

Canada Vapes is committed to ensuring our customers enjoy the best quality vapes products, excellent customer service, delicious flavours, and industry-leading web experience. We prioritize health, safety, education, and ethical business practices as we serve Canadians every day. However, we may be limited in the future in what we can offer our customers if vaping continues to be regulated out of existence. Deadline May 24th, 2021.

Over 100,000 letters sent & counting!

Health Canada will soon be releasing a Canada Gazette to propose a federal flavour ban

While initially we believed this would be released around November 2021, we now have credible information indicating that we may see the release of the Gazette, Part 1, as early as May. The only reason this hasn’t been published in the Gazette yet is that they are still thinking about a total ban vs tobacco and mint flavours only. Gazette 1 is expected in May, and they expect Gazette 2 around September. This is evident as the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit’s webinar shows us the government’s intention and their playbook to ban flavours.

Lobbying MP’s need your support!

For every vaping consumer & advocate that contacts their MP they get 500 constituents requesting that flavoured vape products must be banned “to save the children”. THIS MUST CHANGE. Read to the end of this BLOG post to fully appreciate the changes taking effect, and what you can do today to turn the tides.

Join the fight and contact your MP today; it’s easy, fast, and effective.

The Situation: According to the Gazette 1, a flavour ban may finalize as early as 60 days from now. If this happens, adult vapers will no longer have flavour options and vape shops will lose significant business and close. Resulting in a severe impact to the vaping industry.

The Solution: A consumer campaign has been launched to petition against the flavour ban. The goal is to achieve 250,000 consumer letters within 60 days. To achieve this we are aiming at minimum 10 submissions a day between now and the end of May. We need your support; don’t regret not having taken action when you had a chance.

Easy Button: Visit the website www.tobaccokills.ca, or Click HERE. Fill out the form with your full name & address, and then select your auto generated type of letter that you wish to send to your MP. Click “Send Letter.” Thank you for your support!

Together we stand, divided we fall.


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