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Vaping Laws and Regulations in British Columbia

vaping in British Columbia

At Canada Vapes, we are proud to be the premier vaping supply store for vaping enthusiasts across British Columbia. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got you covered. With our unbeatable selection, competitive pricing, and commitment to service, we aim to be BC’s top choice for all things vaping. Vaping Laws … Read more

CRC Requirements & Guidelines

CRC compliance,Requirements and guidelines in Canadian Vaping Industry

The Government of Canada has required that all new E-cigarette devices & accessories are to be CRC-compliant and CRC-certified. CRC stands for Child Resistant Containers. What does this mean to Canada Vapes consumers? In short, the government is making it so devices are child-proof to prevent our youth from getting into the tanks, pods, and … Read more

B.C. Legislation proposed to hike taxes on Vaping products & limit nicotine levels to 20mg/ml

B.C. Legislation

Health Minister Adrian Dix is planning to introduce new legislation this month that will increase the British Columbia sales tax from 7% to 20% on vaping products. ARTICLE BULLET POINTS: B.C. Legislation proposed to hike taxes on Vaping products & limit nicotine levels to 20mg/ml Raise taxes on vaping products from 7% to 20% Allow … Read more

Vancouver City proposes banning vape ads & other restrictions to curb youth vaping.

Ban on Vape Ads

Vancouver City proposes a motion to ban vape ads & minimum distances between vape shops and schools. Lisa Dominato has put forward a motion to limit the sale and promotion of vape equipment and Vape Ads within Vancouver City. There are currently no restrictions on the sales of vaping products and she is looking to … Read more

Richmond British Columbia bans promotional advertisements for vaping on city property

Ad Standards

City Council voted unanimously against advertisements for vaping products on any city property throughout Richmond British Columbia. Clay Adams, who is the spokesperson for the city of Richmond, states “vaping is a significant health issue. All the evidence suggests that, and this is the at least one thing that we can do. We hope others … Read more

British Columbia Proposed Legislation


OUR Two cents: The typical responses that have been touted around by our government continues with this legislation.  “We don’t know what is in them, therefore let’s ban them” and “they may be a gateway for our youth to start smoking”.  Both of these statements have been proven false again and again, yet our government … Read more