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SMOK Nord 4 (CRC) Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your SMOK NORD 4 vape device?


If you own the SMOK NORD 4 Pod System this page will assist you to troubleshoot many of your potential problems.  Here are some of the most common issues with the SMOK NORD 4 vape kit and ways you can troubleshoot them.

Issue: Device Not Firing

Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Unlock the Device: The SMOK Nord 4 may be shipped in a locked position. To unlock, quickly click the power button three times.
  2. Check the Charge: Ensure the device is charged by plugging it in using a Type-C USB cord. The charging port is at the bottom of the device. A light will indicate charging status, turning off when fully charged (usually takes 60-120 minutes).

Issue: Device Leaking

Possible causes and solutions:

  1. Incorrectly Installed Coil:

    • Ensure the coil is properly tightened. Sometimes pre-installed coils may not be seated correctly. Remove and reinstall the coil to ensure a proper fit.
  2. Cracked Plastic:

    • If the device was dropped or subjected to physical stress, inspect the pod for cracks. Cracks can also occur if the device is exposed to freezing temperatures.
  3. Overfilling:

    • Do not fill the tank beyond the filling hole to prevent leaks.
  4. Misaligned or Missing Filling Cap:

    • Ensure the rubber filling cap is properly seated. Misalignment or absence of this cap can cause leaks, especially if the device is laid sideways.
  5. Prolonged Storage:

    • Avoid storing the device filled with e-liquid for long periods. If not in use for more than 24 hours, empty the tank to prevent leaks from saturated coils.
  6. Pressure Changes:

    • Changes in pressure, such as during flights or high-altitude travel, can cause leaks. Empty the device before such activities.
  7. Overheating:

    • Avoid leaving the device in hot environments, such as a car in summer. Overheating can cause e-liquid to expand and leak through seals or airflow holes.
  8. Freezing:

    • Avoid leaving the device in freezing temperatures. Cold can make plastic parts brittle and prone to breaking. Store the device between +10 to +25 degrees Celsius.

Issue: Burnt Taste

Possible causes and solutions:

  1. Low E-liquid Level:

    • Ensure the pod is filled with e-liquid. Refill before it becomes completely empty to ensure proper wicking.
  2. Old Coil:

    • Replace coils every 2-4 weeks. Worn-out coils are less efficient at bringing e-liquid to the heating elements, leading to a burnt taste.
  3. Incorrect Wattage:

    • Ensure the device is set to the recommended wattage for the installed coil. The correct wattage is usually printed on the coil.
  4. Thick E-Liquid:

    • High VG e-liquids are thicker and may not wick properly, causing a burnt taste. Use e-liquids with a lower VG and higher PG ratio for better flow.
  5. Chain Vaping:

    • Avoid taking multiple drags in quick succession. Wait 15-30 seconds between drags to allow the e-liquid to re-saturate the coil.

Issue: The vapor lacks flavour or tastes off.

Steps to troubleshoot:

Clean the Pod: Residue buildup can affect flavour quality. Rinse the pod with warm water and let it dry completely before refilling it with e-liquid.

Use Fresh E-Liquid: Ensure you are using fresh e-liquid. Old or expired e-liquids can lose their flavour.

Adjust Wattage Settings: Different e-liquids may perform better at different wattage settings. Experiment with adjusting the wattage to find the best flavour.

Replace the Coil: Over time, coils can degrade and affect flavour. Replace them regularly to maintain good flavour quality.

Issue: The device is making gurgling sounds or spitting e-liquid.


Clean the Chimney: Condensation can build up in the chimney. Use a paper towel or q-tip to clean it out regularly.

Adjust Airflow: Reduce the airflow slightly to prevent too much e-liquid from being pulled into the coil.

Check Coil Placement: Ensure that the coil is seated correctly. Misalignment can cause excess e-liquid to enter the coil, leading to gurgling and spitting.

Issue: The device produces little or no vapor.


Check Battery Charge: Ensure that the Smok Nord 4 is fully charged. A low battery can result in weak vapor production. Connect it to a power source and charge it fully.

Inspect the Pod Connection: Ensure the pod is properly seated in the device. Remove the pod, check for obstructions or debris on the contacts, and reinsert it securely.

Replace the Coil: The coil may be burnt out or damaged. Replace it with a new one if you’ve been using it for a while.

Adjust Wattage Settings: The Nord 4 allows for adjustable wattage. Ensure the wattage is set correctly for the coil you are using. Refer to the coil’s recommended wattage range.

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