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P.E.I. Vaping bill to increase age from 19 to 21, and ban e-liquid flavours.

P.E.I. Vaping bill to increase age from 19 to 21

PC MLA, Cory Deagle, passed the second reading of a private member’s P.E.I. The vaping bill would restrict where vaping products can be sold, would ban certain flavours, and would also raise the legal age to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes from 19 to 21.

Deagle stated: “These substances, you become addicted to nicotine. In some cases, there is four or five, 20 times the amount of nicotine and e-cigarette than there is in a regular cigarette.”

The second reading vote was unanimous, with all parties in support of passing the bill. There is also discussion about the possibility of adding taxes when this P.E.I. vaping bill is introduced in the spring.

The P.E.I. Vaping bill also addresses where vape products can be sold – indicating they could only be sold in a “tobacconist shop”.

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