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Vapecan 2014 office trip’s Annual staff trip to VapeCan

As many of our regular customers know, we went on an office trip to this year’s Vapecan annual e-cigarette convention in Toronto, Ontario.

Josh Trying something new
Josh Trying something new

Although a few staff members could not attend, my wife Sandi and I managed to have a full vehicle to drive down to Toronto from our office in London.  Overall we had a great time, with plenty of laughs and a great team building experience.  We listened to lots of fun 90’s music on the drive!

The conference was at the Holiday Inn, right by the highway, and close to the Airport.  We could not believe how much vapor was in the air, and to be honest, it smelled pretty funky.  A giant mix of hundreds and hundreds of flavours filled the air.  The conference was very busy and pretty jam packed.  We were told that next year they would be looking at a bigger area to handle all of the demand.

Overall, the general feel we had was that of e-liquid being the primary focus for most companies.  Everyone had their own unique blends, and while many were decent, many were not.  What we found to be the trend was the ‘super flavour explosion’ e-liquid, that overwhelmingly touches every inch of your palate.  While these e-liquids typically taste great on their first few drags, often they can quickly become overpowering and, frankly, a bit much.

All that said, we have been inspired to start experimenting a little more on custom blends of flavours, as opposed to just traditional single flavours.  We will find the right mix between enough flavour and not an overpowering sensation and will be launching several new custom, unique e-liquid flavours over the upcoming months.

If you have any suggestions for flavour combinations for us to try, please contact us anytime!

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