bans of e-cigarettes in Canada

Two major bans of e-cigarettes in Canada.

Over the course of the last two weeks there have been two different city bans imposed on electronic cigarettes in Canada.

Vancouver bans e-cigarettes in ‘public spaces’

The first took place last week in Vancouver, where city councilors voted unanimously to ban e-cigarettes in public spaces, as well as banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

Stepping right up with their 2 cents was the heart and stroke foundation, who’s senior health policy analyst Lesliy James stated:

Face Off   With Center Ice

“We are asking all levels of government, federal, provincial and municipal to act quickly to adopt regulations to protect Canadians similar to what Vancouver has done,”

Their entire ruling was based on the ‘we don’t know enough about them’ argument that many politicians state as their excuse/reasoning for the bans.

Winnipeg Bans e-cigarette uses on schools in the Winnipeg school division.

On Monday, the vote was unanimous between trustees in the Winnipeg school division to ban e-cigarette use across their school system.

E-Cigarette user at Winnipeg School

“No smoking is allowed, period, in any device, in any form whatsoever,” stated Ramos

This is likely the first few in the beginning of regulations that will be imposed by different municipalities across Canada in the upcoming weeks and months.  Since the Federal government continues to sit patiently on the fence, each municipality is setting rules and regulations for e-cigarettes across Canada.


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9 thoughts on “Two major bans of e-cigarettes in Canada.

  1. Greg

    Since when do we make permenant laws based on fear, uncertinty and doubt?
    Introducing laws to protect those that partake in vaping such as regulating teh liquid juice standards woudl be welcomed, and would be considered government serving the public. A ban is a dis-service, or as a minimum control based on desire, not on fact. Shame on governments everywhere.
    I am rather certain that not wearing sunscreen (in public places) is more hazardous than vaping.

  2. Dianne

    Count on teenagers to spoil it for all – they have reportedly been putting hash oil (hence the comeback) into e-cigs.

  3. a

    the government is basically looking for a way to make money on this . then it will be legal like cigarettes are …

  4. Brian

    Vancouver, world class city, the city that bans bringing ur guitar to the beach, if it’s fun or useful count on them to ban it, ignorance is bliss

  5. jimmy kraktov

    Banning e-cigs on school property is fine with me. They’re there to learn. Banning smoking in ‘all’ outdoor public places is a little much. Before long we’ll all have to hide in the basement.

  6. a

    Who cares what the Government or Health Canada says, there are e-cig stores all over the place here in the Lower Mainland. Its also cheap and quick to pick up nic juice in the US. Devices, juice ect…are readily available everywhere. I know thousands of e cig users that been vaping for years including myself. Come test me and my lungs/health…….whats the delay? whats the problem? why no studies other than some shit chinese toxic e juice they tested 2 or 3 years ago? Chinese baby food has glass and melamine in it for god sakes…Smoking is a major cause of death and disease all over the world and e cig is absolutly beyond doubt the most successful smoking aid ever. period. Its like finding a cure for terminal cancer and the government saying “the cure might be bad for you|”, idiotic……………Get on this, get your test done and get e cigs on the market asap and save some lives.

  7. mike

    They make more tax money off combustable cigarettes, and their aproved methods of smoking aids. No wonder they dont like e cigs.

  8. Mark

    vaping one week after giving up jp standard minor skin/dryness irritation but still hundreds of times healthier than cigarette smoking. Equivalent of someone wearing pail of colgne on elevator at worst. Pharmacies big tobacco and govt just want their cut and you to stay addicted but buy through them. Be complacent and pay pay pay.

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