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The Caliburn Showdown: How the Upgraded G2 and A3 Stack Up

Over the years, UWell has created dozens of reliable and admired devices under their Caliburn line. From the original to the newest, most vapers have tried a Caliburn at least once. UWell’s best sellers, however, are the ever-so-loved Caliburn G and Caliburn A2. Recently, they upgraded both of these devices to reveal their updated counterparts, the Caliburn G2 and A3. Today we’ll be answering all your questions about the upgraded devices and going over the stellar new features of each one.

Most importantly, we’ll be answering the number one question on everyone’s mind: Are the upgrades really worth it?

Caliburn G vs G2

At first glance, the outer boxes of each Caliburn are already pretty distinctly different. You can see the actual product inside the box through a plastic window, rather than just a photo of the device. This sleeker, cleaner appearance makes for a more attractive look, immediately making you want to purchase Caliburn G2 over the G. Inside, the kit comes with the same products: 1 device, 2 pods and a charging cable. Both units charge with a Type-C charger and use refillable pop-and-fill pods.


The pods are noticeably different, with the G2 pod being longer with a more comfortable and ergonomic mouthpiece. The G2 pod is also larger, holding 2ml of liquid compared to the G’s capacity of 1.6ml.


Another cool feature of the G2 pod is the air intake wheel, allowing you to adjust your airflow directly on the cartridge itself. Both pods have the standard pre-installed coil, which cannot be removed as per the CRC law.


The Caliburn G2’s battery has also drastically improved, with a larger 750mAh battery in comparison to the G’s 690mAh battery. This allows longer usage time in between charges, and is definitely a major convenience upgrade to users.

Overall Design

The design of the actual device has been upgraded to look sleeker and more modern, with a flat surface combined with ridges, as opposed to the all-over ridge design on the Caliburn G. The juice windows have been improved as well, with 2 large windows on the front and back of the G2 rather than 2 slim windows on the side like the G has.

Vibration Alerts

The G2 also includes a useful vibrational feature, which will vibrate to notify you of an assortment of alerts such as when your battery dies or your device short circuits.

Both the G and the G2 turn on and off with 5 button clicks, and have the option to auto-draw or use the button to draw. The size is also pretty much exactly the same, with the difference being only a few millimeters in width.

Conclusion on Caliburn G vs. G2

Overall, we can see that the necessary upgrades and changes were made with the Caliburn G2 to improve the usage of the Caliburn G, whilst still having that familiar fit and feel that Caliburn G users love. As the age-old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! In conclusion, the upgrade from the Caliburn G to the Caliburn G2 is definitely worth it!

Caliburn A2 vs A3

UWELL clearly knew their packaging needed a revamp, as the outer box for the Caliburn A3 has the same upgrade as the Caliburn G2. The actual device inside is visible through a plastic window rather than just a photo of the device as seen on the A2.


Again, this definitely makes for a more attractive look and encourages customers to buy. Inside, the kits both have 1 device and 2 pods, however the new A3 does not come with a charger, so you’ll have to purchase one separately if you don’t already have one. I don’t mind this feature too much, as those who vape frequently usually have a Type-C charger laying around anyways. Plus, chargers usually only run for $3-$5 at vape shops, so it’s not much of an inconvenience.


Now the pods on the A2 and A3 are not all that different, except that the A3 features a more round-shaped pod, allowing for a more secure fit in the magnetic port. This feature was added to provide more stability in the design of the overall device. The pods both have the same liquid capacity at 1.8ml, a feature I feel could’ve been updated with the new kit. Both are pop-to-fill refillable cartridges. There are the same standard 2 air holes on either side of the device, and the size of the device is exactly the same.


Both the A2 and the A3 have a 520mAh battery and use a Type-C charger, however, UWell claims the A3 has a faster charging time and lasts longer, regardless of the lack of change in battery size.

The juice window is a little larger on the A3 as well, and there is a more modern LED light design on the bottom as well. Both devices require 5 clicks of the button to turn on and off, and can auto-draw or button-draw.


Appearance-wise, the A3 is slightly different with more rounded features and more appealing to the eye. Another interesting aspect is that UWell has chosen to only provide 1 coil option for the A3, which is 1.0ohm. Although this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, some users may prefer a different ohm strength, and the option of variety is important to many vapers.

Conclusion on A2 vs. A3

Overall, not many changes are coming with the Caliburn A3 vs the Caliburn A2. Some users have reported that the A3 provides a smoother hit and is better quality than the A2, so that’s a plus! UWell has again kept that same familiar feel with the A3 upgrade, with minor changes designed to improve usage. In conclusion, is the upgrade worth it?

Maybe. If you are a die-hard A2 fan, give the A3 a shot, you may find it works out great for you. If you are a beginner or not a heavy vaper, the A2 is a perfectly great device to stick with.

At the end of the day, Caliburn will always be a fantastic line from UWELL and will continue to be admired for years going forward. We’re big fans here at Canada Vapes! We hope this article helped you learn more about the Caliburn G2 and A3 vs. G, and A2, and assisted you in all your questions. Which device will you use going forward?

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. And remember, you can always contact us by phone, e-mail, or LiveChat for any further questions. Keep on keeping on, and get your vape on!

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