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UWELL Caliburn G | Reviews

Are you thinking about purchasing the UWELL Caliburn G vape kit?  If so, please check out these independent product reviews.  Here are some full reviews from various highly regarded vaping experts.  Keep in mind that these UWELL Caliburn G vaping reviews are from third parties, and have not been verified or evaluated by CanadaVapes.com.


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UWELL Caliburn G general information:

  • Battery:  Integrated 690 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Colour Options:  Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Rosy Brown
  • Size:  108.3mm x 22.5mm x 12.6mm
  • Construction:  Aluminum-Alloy Chassis
  • Wattage output:  13-18w
  • Voltage output:  3.2-4V
  • Net Weight: 60g

UWELL Caliburn G features:

  • LED battery indicator light
  • MTL or DL option depending on the direction of the pod
  • Small, lightweight, and discreet
  • Automatic (draw-activated) operation or push-button activation (dual mode)

Neil from Ecigclick  Review of the UWELL Caliburn G Vape Kit

Neil had nothing bad to say about the Uwell Caliburn G. He really liked the design and build quality, as well as how much flavour he was receiving well hitting the device! Neil was honest when stating that he has never used the original Caliburn, but was excited to try the new upgraded Caliburn G after hearing all of the hype around the original. He even went on to say that “I’m impressed – VERY impressed” also “If the original Caliburn was good – the new Uwell Caliburn G pod kit is very special indeed.”

REVIEW: 9.6/10

If you would like to read Neil’s full review you can find it here. 

Video Reviews of the UWELL Caliburn G Vape Kit

There are many great reviewers on YouTube who review vaping products.  Below are a few reviews from some of the most respected YouTube vape reviewers out there.  Enjoy!

“GrimmGreen” Review of the UWELL Caliburn G

The first is from GrimmGreen, who has reviewed hundreds of vaping devices. For him to say “It’s basically FLAWLESS” speaks volume coming from his experience. He also states that the Caliburn G is “The best vaping pod system ever.” Here is his review of the UWELL Caliburn G that you can watch.

“RiP Trippers” Review of the UWELL Caliburn G

Now for the outgoing RiP Trippers, who may be one of the more popular reviewers on Youtube and has years of experience. He says that the G in the Caliburn G stands for “Great”, He goes on to praise how well the Mouth to Lung feature is on this device and lets everyone know if they loved the original Caliburn then they will love this one as well. Check it out below!



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Do you have experience with the UWELL Caliburn G pod kit?  Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page for other potential customers to view!

Check out the Caliburn G Troubleshooting Guide and Instruction Manual Download

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