Should we ban ground beef? Pet turtles? Don’t ban vaping – Salmonella is killing Americans!


From the mind (and mouth) of Howie – Founder of – Canada’s First (and subjectively best) Vape Shop since 2010.   Over the past 3 months, the conversation surrounding banning vaping has become an absurdity.  With several States outright banning all vaping devices, regardless of whether being used as a smoking cessation device, or … Read more

Nova Scotia proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

Nova Scotia Flag

Nova Scotia Proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation The new proposed legislation will proses aggressive restrictions against electronic cigarettes province-wide.  These potential relations would include: Restrictions of selling e-cigarettes to those 19+ No displaying e-cigarettes on stores No advertising e-cigarettes Ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors Ban any ‘flavorings’ added to e-liquid, except menthol Health Minister … Read more