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Should we ban ground beef? Pet turtles? Don’t ban vaping – Salmonella is killing Americans!

From the mind (and mouth) of Howie – Founder of – Canada’s First (and subjectively best) Vape Shop since 2010.


The Controversy Surrounding Vaping Bans

In recent months, the discussion around banning vaping has reached a fever pitch. Several states have outright banned all vaping devices, regardless of whether they’re being used as a smoking cessation device or bought off the street. The outcry from government heads has been to ban it all.

The Impact of Smoking

It’s important to remember that smoking cigarettes is the #1 preventable killer of Americans. Around the world, smoking claims the lives of 8,000,000 people each year. (SOURCE) Vaping has been extensively studied and found to be 95%+ safer than smoking (SOURCE). Yet, in the face of fear and panic, the knee-jerk reaction has been to ban it.

Comparing Risks: Salmonella vs. Vaping

By comparison, Salmonella kills an estimated 420 Americans every single year. That’s 1.2 Americans every day, dead from eating ground beef or playing with their pet turtle and not washing their hands. Salmonella causes 1.35 million illnesses and results in over 26,000 hospitalizations each year (SOURCE). So, where is the outcry to ban ground beef or other potential sources of Salmonella?

Here is a list of the ingredients of our e-liquids at Canada Vapes.    There are four ingredients only.  There is no reason for nicotine e-liquids to contain this product.  If they did, this situation would have arisen over 10 years ago when vaping started getting popular.  Some unregulated THC vape pod manufacturers have been using it in their products recently as a thickening or thinning agent. (SOURCE)

The Real Culprit: THC Infused Vaping Pods

THC infused vaping pods have been found to be the primary culprit of Vaping Related Illness, and the CDC has claimed Vitamin E Acetate as the major contributor to the vaping related illnesses across the US (SOURCE). Vape e-liquids with nicotine do not contain Vitamin E Acetate.

The Role of Regulation

In Canada, where marijuana is legal and therefore regulated, Health Canada has stated that marijuana pods and vape pens sold in Canada do not contain Vitamin E Acetate, never have and never will. This highlights the importance of regulation in ensuring the safety of consumers.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, nothing is completely safe. However, the risks associated with various activities need to be compared and understood. For those who are smoking cigarettes and cannot quit, vaping could be a safer alternative.

Even if you are a non-smoker and non-vaper, the fact that the US government is so quick to shout out “Ban!” whenever something happens that brings them fear, is a dangerous environment to live in. One day your government may ban or make illegal something you want or need, so take concern about this situation.

Peace & Love,


NOTE:  This article is subjective to writing.  Not to be taken tooooo seriously.

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