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Nova Scotia proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

Nova Scotia Proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

The new proposed legislation will proses aggressive restrictions against electronic cigarettes province-wide.  These potential relations would include:

  • Restrictions of selling e-cigarettes to those 19+
  • No displaying e-cigarettes on stores
  • No advertising e-cigarettes
  • Ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors
  • Ban any ‘flavorings’ added to e-liquid, except menthol

Health Minister Leo Glavine stated that the government wants to change the definition of smoke to include water pipes and vapour from e-cigarettes.  He stated that steps are needed to address emerging evidence that e-cigarettes pose a health risk, especially to young people.  What this evidence is was not clearly defined.   There are at least 200 studies showing e-cigarettes as successful harm reduction products.

Those opposed, including imperial tobacco state that the province of Nova Scotia is making a ‘big mistake’ by regulating e-cigarettes lumped together with tobacco cigarettes.

Want to do something about this?

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We need e-cigarette users from Across Canada to ban together in an attempt to let our government know that we do not want our choices away from us.  Banning flavoured e-liquid would effectively reduce the choices for Nova Scotia vapers to no flavour and menthol.

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