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Interdiction des arômes de vape au Québec: Questions – Réponses

Vape flavour ban symbol.

English Article Here Qu’est-ce que l’interdiction des arômes? À compter du 31 octobre 2023, la province de Québec interdira la vente de tous les produits aromatisés de vapotage/nicotine et d’e-liquides. Les seuls “arômes” autorisés à la vente sous l’Interdiction des arômes au Québec sont les liquides sans arôme et les tabacs. Les fruits, les menthes … Read more

Quebec Vape Flavour Ban – Q&A

Vape flavour ban symbol.

Article en français ici What is the Quebec flavour ban? As of October 31st 2023, the province of Quebec has banned the sale of any flavoured vaping/nicotine products and e-liquids. The only “flavours” allowed to be sold are flavourless liquids and tobaccos. Fruit, mints and others will not be available to purchase under this Quebec … Read more

Quebec on Track to Ban Flavoured Vapes Starting Oct. 31

Vape shop shelf with flavoured e-liquids banned in Quebec.

Canadians on edge about Quebec flavoured e-liquids ban. Health Minister Christian Dube announced that on October 31 2023, Quebec plans on banning the sale of all flavoured e-liquids and vaping products. Only tobacco flavoured and unflavoured e-liquid products will be allowed to be sold. This ban aims to deter folks from vaping, especially the younger … Read more

Have your voice heard, prevent a nationwide flavour ban!

Flavours Save Lives

Fight to save flavored vaping products & prevent them from sending us back to tobacco New Vaping Regulations Coming Effecting All Canadian Vapers! The Federal and Provincial governments, including Health Canada, are moving forward with regulations & legislation that will change the landscape of the Canadian vaping industry for manufacturers, retailers, and customers. The rules are … Read more

Canadian Vaping Association suggests banning flavours is not the right option for Canada.

Samual Tam

Samuel Tam, the president of the Canadian Vaping Association had an interview with CBC News: Compass last Thursday.  In his conversation, he shared his concern regarding the proposed bill in Prince Edward Island that would severely restrict the flavours of e-liquid available for vapers in that province.  Tam stated: “There are other ways to regulate … Read more

Your Media is Lying to you – Interview with man effected by lung condition from THC pods.


I am infuriated. We have all heard the warnings about mass media manipulating interviews to fit their agenda.  I now have first hand experience at seeing this playing out.  The misinformation given by our media is creating panic in the vaping industry, and I am mad. A middle aged man from Amarillo Texas named Ben … Read more