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Vaping Vindicated! Vitamin E Acetate “Strongly Linked” to Vaping Outbreak says CDC.

The Center for Disease Control has finally vindicated the vaping world.

In September, the CDC released a blanket statement warning against the dangers of all vaping products. Even though it was suggested by other sources that nicotine vaping was not the culprit, the CDC and other news sources brought fear to all nicotine vaping individuals.   As early as September 19th, 2019 we reported that the vaping lung breakout was very likely a result of Vitamin E acetate, and had nothing to do with traditional nicotine e-liquid vaping products.  5 months later, the CDC finally agrees. Unfortunately, the major news outlets across  North America ran with the original story, lumping in nicotine vapes such as these with illicit THC infused vapes being sold on the street or on the black market.

Now the truth is finally out:

  • 48 out of 51 bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples  tested showed Vitamin E acetate (CDC)
  • Vitamin E acetate is NOT used in traditional nicotine vaping products
  • Vitamin E Acetate is used “most notably in THC-containing vaping products” (CDC)
  • Vitamin E Acetate is OIL BASED, while Nicotine e-liquid is water based.

Canada Vapes has been producing nicotine e-liquid since 2010 in Canada.  All of our e-liquids and their individual components are water based.

Ingredients of traditional Nicotine e-liquid:

  • Water based Propelyne Glycerol
  • Water Based Vegetable Glycerin
  • Water based flavouring
  • Water based nicotine

There is no doubt that the unfounded vaping scare in late 2019 has sent hundreds of thousands of vapers back to smoking cigarettes out of fear.  The fact that it is vitamin E acetate added to THC vape pens is not as exciting as the original news story, and will not be made nearly as public.

We urge anyone who has returned to smoking to consider coming back to vaping, which has never had any known association to any lung disease as now further proven by the CDC.  Canada Vapes has been producing quality vaping products and e-liquid since 2010.

View the link to the CDC update HERE.





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