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Vaping Exonerated! CDC “Strongly Links” Vitamin E Acetate to Vaping Epidemic

The Vindication of Vaping

The Center for Disease Control has at last exonerated the vaping community. In September, the CDC issued a comprehensive warning about the risks of all vaping products. Despite suggestions from other sources that nicotine vaping was not the problem, the CDC and various news outlets instilled fear in all individuals who vape nicotine.

The Early Suspicions

As early as September 19th, 2019, we reported that the outbreak of lung issues related to vaping was likely due to Vitamin E acetate, and had no connection with traditional nicotine e-liquid vaping products. Five months later, the CDC finally concurs. Regrettably, major news outlets across North America propagated the initial story, indiscriminately associating nicotine vapes with illicit THC-infused vapes sold on the street or in the black market.

The Truth Emerges

Now, the truth has finally emerged:

  • 48 out of 51 bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples tested showed Vitamin E acetate (CDC)
  • Vitamin E acetate is NOT used in traditional nicotine vaping products
  • Vitamin E Acetate is used “most notably in THC-containing vaping products” (CDC)
  • Vitamin E Acetate is OIL BASED, while Nicotine e-liquid is water-based.

Canada Vapes’ Commitment

Canada Vapes has been manufacturing nicotine e-liquid since 2010 in Canada. All of our e-liquids and their individual components are water-based.

Ingredients of Traditional Nicotine E-Liquid

  • Water-based Propylene Glycerol
  • Water-Based Vegetable Glycerin
  • Water-based flavouring
  • Water-based nicotine

The Impact of the Vaping Scare

There’s no question that the baseless vaping panic in late 2019 has driven hundreds of thousands of vapers back to smoking cigarettes out of fear. The fact that it is vitamin-E acetate added to THC vape pens is not as sensational as the original news story, and will not receive nearly as much publicity.

A Call to Return to Vaping

We strongly encourage anyone who has reverted to smoking to consider returning to vaping, which has never been linked to any lung disease, as now further validated by the CDC. Canada Vapes has been manufacturing high-quality vaping products and e-liquid since 2010.

View the link to the CDC update HERE.

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