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Doctor Reports “Using electronic cigarettes as dangerous as fruits, vegetables and fish”

This is a great watch!

This European News video found on Youtube interviews a doctor Phillip Prelle who is rallying behind e-cigarettes, stating the following:

“With the electronic cigarette we have managed to eliminate tobacco’s three big poisons which are tar, carbon monoxide and the fine particles which lead to cancer, heart attacks, and chronic bronchitis.”

“People are asking me if there is anything dangerous in them and I find this ridiculous.”

“If we want to compare the dangerous of electronic cigarettes, if I place tobacco all the way on the left, then after that alcohol and then fat products, followed by sugar products, then  I realize that electronic cigarettes are next to the fruits vegetables and fish.   The dangers are really very very  little.

“There are pesticides on some vegetables, there are  heavy metals in some fish.  That is the level of danger we are at with the electronic cigarette.”

Electronic cigarettes are as dangerous as fruits, vegetables, and fish.

There are discussions on the regulations in the EU regarding electronic cigarettes, and the pressure from big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies to lump e-cigarettes in with tobacco cigarettes, and what that would do to the e-cigarette marketplace in Europe.

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