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E-cigarette & Vaping Studies

Vaping Studies

Although the Canadian government has not bothered with its own toxicity studies, several Countries have done thorough research on both the physical results from e-cigarettes, nicotine levels in the body compared with tobacco cigarettes, and secondhand vapor results. Here are a collection of studies on e-smoking.

How safe are electronic cigarettes? Health New Zealand, April 8th, 2008. Ruyan is one of the largest producers of e-cigarettes in the world. In this health New Zealand study, they looked into the following items regarding the e-cigarette:

  • Actual nicotine content compared to labeled nicotine content in cartridges – Results: The labeling is similar to actual nicotine content
  • Risk of microorganisms in cartridge liquid – Results: No tendency for microorganisms to grow in the liquid
  • Metals in liquid – Results: Metals all < 1 ppm: Not a risk
  • HCN, Butadiene, and acrylonitrile toxicant – Results: < 0.3 PPM: Not a risk
  • Contamination from mouthpiece – Results: Sharing the e-cigarette mouthpiece is inadvisable
  • Safety of e-cigarette ‘vapor’ for bystanders – Results: No increase in Carbon Monoxide exhaled, not restricted by smoke-free laws in New Zealand. Does not product second hand smoke.

Safety Report on the Ruyan e-cigarette cartridge and inhaled aerosol? Health New Zealand, October, 2008. In this follow-up study by Health New Zealand, they looked at additional facts about the e-cigarette, going deeper into the inhalation and expulsion of the vapor created by the e-cigarette:

  • The toxicity of inhaled Propylene glycol – Results: Inhalation toxicity is not an issue
  • The levels of TSNA’s – Results: The E-cigarette cartridge does not contain carcinogenic levels of TSNA’s
  • The levels of PAH’s – Results: The E-cigarette cartridge does not contain any levels of PAH’s
  • The levels of Radioactivity – Results: No gamma-emitting nucleotides were found above the detection limit.
  • Safety of e-cigarette ‘vapor’ for bystanders – Results: No increase in Carbon Monoxide exhaled, not restricted by smoke-free laws in New Zealand. Does not product secondhand smoke.
  • Overall findings – All toxicant’s in the e-cigarette cartridge, are at levels below those determined to be harmful, as well as below the minimum risk levels accepted by the US public health service and SOHA. The results obtained to date do not mitigate this report’s overall concluding that the e-cigarette is designed to be a safe alternative to smoking, and appears to be safe in absolute terms on all measurements we have applied. The composition of the cartridge liquid is not hazardous to health if used as intended.

Chemical composition of “instead” Electronic cigarette smoke juice and vapor – Alliance Technologies investigative analytical testing – December 2009. Instead is one of the larger sellers of e-cigarettes in malls in America. This is testing done specifically on their e-liquid and vapor production from their e-cigarettes.

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