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E-cigarette & Vaping Studies

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Vaping Studies Although the Canadian government has not bothered with its own toxicity studies, several Countries have done thorough research on both the physical results from e-cigarettes, nicotine levels in the body compared with tobacco cigarettes, and secondhand vapor results. Here are a collection of studies on e-smoking. How safe are electronic cigarettes? Health New … Read more

Study shows switching tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes reduces exposure to numerous toxins and carcinogens

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Exposure to Nicotine and Selected Toxicants in Cigarette Smokers Who Switched to Electronic Cigarettes: A Longitudinal Within-Subjects Observational Study A newly released study has now again proven what many of us were already aware of.  Smokers switching to vaping devices that contain nicotine but not tobacco will remove the deadly toxins found in tobacco cigarettes.   … Read more

Britain’s Royal College of Physicians agree – Vaping much safer than smoking

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OUR Two cents: It’s. About. Time!!!   Finally, a government entity that is not hand-tied in the pocket of either Big Pharma or Tobacco, states what the vaping community has been saying for the last decade:  Vaping is safer than smoking, and significantly so.  So much so, that the Royal college of physicians in Britain … Read more

Harm Reversal: E-cigs 96% Safer than Combustible Cigs

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The university of Catania, Italy has structured an integrated clinical research program designed to detect early changes of sub-clinical injury in ‘healthy’ smokers who have made the switch to vaping as well as those with preexisting lung disease.  The report states that “the initial findings are promising and generally supportive of a beneficial effect of … Read more

Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking – New Study Reveals

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Electronic Cigarettes will help you quit smoking says a new study.   A new study of almost 6,000 smokers over five years has shown that the use of electronic cigarettes will help you quit smoking.  Smokers are 60 percent more likely to successfully quit smoking if they use electronic cigarettes vs. other nicotine products such … Read more

Electronic cigarettes with nicotine “very similar to drinking coffee” UK Professor reports

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Electronic Cigarettes effects are very similar to drinking coffee A UK professor states electronic cigarettes with nicotine are “very similar to drinking coffee” to the body. A recent test was completed at Queen Mary University in London, England with a subject.  He is having the levels of carbon monoxide tested both after using en electronic … Read more