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Smartphone Battery Charges in 30 Seconds!

Awesome new battery charges in 30 seconds — When will this be available for your electronic cigarette?


In awesome tech news, a new battery that uses something called nanodots was just demonstrated at Microsoft’s Think next symposium.  It is the brainchild of Israeli company StoreDot.

Not only does it manage to charge small batteries in under 30 seconds, it will charge larger batteries like car batteries in about a minute, making the possibilities of legitimate electric cars not too far out into the future.  “Fuel up” in just a minute or two vs. the overnight plugging required in current electric cars would go a long way to making electric cars practical for more people to use.

StoreDot is in the process of patenting this technology, but is planning to go into mass production of this battery technology within the next two years.  It is a much safer technology then any previous attempt at super fast charging batteries, and the cost for this technology will be relatively low.

This technology of super fast charging batteries, if it ends up being sustainable and legitimate will surely become the wave of the future and will change so many areas of our lives, including laptop and cell phones, portable devices, electric cars and scooters, and so much more.  It will eventually even impact electronic cigarettes, who most of you are used to the double battery situation, having to always be charging a battery while using another.  How about a quick 15 second charge of your e-cigarette battery and you are back on your way!


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