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Vaping in the Northwest Territories

Vaping in the Northwest Territories

Welcome to the Canada Vapes online vape shop’s Northwest Territories information page. As Canada’s premier online vape retailer, we want to provide useful vaping product info and delivery options to Northwest Territories vapers.

Vaping Laws and Regulations in the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is a vast, rugged northern territory known for its Aboriginal cultures, Aurora Borealis viewings, and outdoor adventure. With a small population of around 45,000, here are the key vaping laws in the Northwest Territories:

  • The legal vaping age is 25+ in the Northwest Territories.
  • It is illegal to sell flavoured vaping products, except those that only impart a flavour of tobacco.
  • Vaping products cannot be sold in certain prohibited places like schools, childcare facilities, hospitals, etc.
  • Retailers must verify the age of anyone appearing under 25 before selling vaping products.
  • Providing vaping products to minors is prohibited.
  • Minors are prohibited from purchasing, possessing or using vaping products.
  • Vaping is prohibited in many public places like workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, public transit, apartment buildings, restaurants, parks, etc.
  • Vaping is prohibited around building entrances and exits out to a certain distance.
  • Advertising and promotion of vaping products is restricted and prohibited in certain locations.
  • Vaping product shops are exempt from some advertising rules if minors are prohibited and ads are not visible from outside.
  • There are a range of offences and fines for individuals and corporations who contravene the laws on selling, advertising, promoting or using vaping products.

Premium Vape Mods and Pod Kits

Canada Vapes provides vapers in the Northwest Territories with premium vape mods and pod system starter kits from top brands:

  • Innokin – Reliable vape mod and pod devices like the Kroma-Z, and Coolfire Z80 for beginners
  • Voopoo – Innovative box mods like Drag X/S, Argus GT II and pod mods like the Vinci range
  • Uwell – Refillable pod devices like Caliburn and Crown pod system
  • Geekvape – Durable and powerful box mods like Aegis and pod vapes like the Aegis Boost
  • Vaporesso – Versatile all-in-one vape pen kits like the XROS and pod mods like Gen Air 40

With various styles and features at multiple price points, we make it easy to find the perfect vape mod or pod kit.

Wide Selection of Vape Juices and Nicotine Salts

Satisfy your cravings with our huge selection of vape juices! We offer:

  • Our signature line of premium Canadian-made e-juice
  • Standard freebase e-liquids in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg nicotine strengths
  • Smooth nicotine salt e-liquids from 10mg to 20mg strengths
  • All your favorite fruity, candy, dessert, drink, menthol flavours
  • Unflavoured PG/VG vape juice base options
  • Twelve Monkeys brand e-liquids
  • Our signature line of premium Canadian-made e-juice

Vape Batteries and Accessories Galore

Keep your vape gear running and customize your setup with our wide range of vaping accessories:

Quick and Discreet Delivery to Your Door

Canada Vapes provides quick discreet shipping of vape products right to your door across the Northwest Territories. We utilize Canada Post’s carbon-neutral delivery services to ensure timely, eco-friendly delivery. A valid ID showing you are 19+ is required upon delivery.

Huge Selection of Convenient Disposable Vapes

For vapers looking for convenience, we offer a massive selection of disposable vape bars from top brands:

  • STLTH – Potent throat hit and long-lasting battery
  • Mr. Fog – Max clouds and unique flavours like Skittles, Hawaiian Rainbow
  • Flavour Beast – Big vapour in Mango Ice, Blue Raspberry, Mystery flavours
  • Allo – Puff-activated and great for beginners
  • ELFBAR – Trendy flavours like Blueberry Ice, Lychee Ice, Watermelon Ice

Disposable vape bars require no charging or maintenance – just open and vape!

Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizers

For recreational cannabis users, shop our selection of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers from trusted brands like XMAX, Herbva, Vivant, and Black Widow. Here are the laws regarding use of marijuana and vaporizers in Northwest Territory.

  • Minimum age for purchasing, possessing, and consuming cannabis in Northwest Territories is 19, same as the legal drinking age
  • Legal cannabis can only be bought from NTLCC-approved vendors or the NTLCC-approved online store

Cannabis Use

  • Allowed on private property where tobacco smoking is allowed.
  • Permitted on trails, roadways (when not driving), and parks not used for public events.
  • Strictly prohibited in areas frequented by children (playgrounds, school grounds, sports fields, and outdoor events).

Possession Limits

  • Federal and territorial limit for adults over 19 is 30 grams.
  • In vehicles, cannabis must be in closed packaging and out of reach of the driver or passengers
  • Criminal offense in Canada to drive impaired by alcohol or drugs, including cannabis.
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs for drivers 21 and under, novice drivers, and certain commercial vehicle drivers in Northwest Territories

Vaporizers allow for convenient, discreet, and controlled vaporization of your materials. Choices range from vape pens to advanced convection models with precision temperature control.

Your Northwest Territories Vape Shop Online

Canada Vapes provides vapers in the Northwest Territories with exceptional service and vape products conveniently shipped to your door.

Shop our huge selection of premium vape gear and e-liquids today and enjoy fast carbon-neutral delivery!


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