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Vitamin E acetate found in the majority of illness causing vapes in the United States

vitamin-e-acetateOver the past several weeks various News sources have discussed a compound called Vitamin E acetate also known as tocopheryl acetate.  This fairly common vitamin supplement was found in the majority of cases involving serious illnesses and even (at the time of this writing) seven deaths. (Source)  Many mainstream media sources are jumping on the bandwagon to try to ban all vaping and the sales of vaping products.

What is Vitamin E Acetate?

Vitamin E Acetate is a common vitamin supplement.  It is widely used topically, as a medication that is said to improve the healing of wounds and reduction of scar tissue.

Why is Vitamin E Acetate being found in vapes?

Vitamin E Acetate has been found only recently in a small sub-sect of the vaping industry; specifically in THC distilled (marijuana) pens & pods that are being sold on the black market.  The individual or companies behind these products are thickening their products with Vitamin E Acetate in order to fool people into thinking their products are higher quality.  Inhaling Vitamin E Acetate is not safe for humans and is causing significant physical health issues to people who do.

Vitamin E Acetate is a newcomer to the THC distilled process and is likely being used by a few do-it-yourself THC vape sellers.  Traditional vape products (e-cigarettes and nicotine e-liquid) does not use Vitamin E Acetate in the manufacturing of e-liquids.  Traditional nicotine e-liquid vaping has now been around for about 15 years with no known significant medical issues, and this sudden increase in illnesses and deaths seems to be directly related to THC distilled vape pens being produced in the black market and sold on the streets. (Source)

What can be done to stop this?

The first step is to warn consumers in both the United States and Canada to stop purchasing THC distillate vape pens & pods, especially if purchased from underground & black market distributors.  Any marijuana product should be purchased only from reputable distributors with a licence to manufacture in their area.  The Center for Disease Control in the US has recommended “Anyone who uses an e-cigarette or vaping product should not buy these products (e.g., e-cigarette or vaping products with THC or CBD oils) off the street, and should not modify or add any substances to these products that are not intended by the manufacturer.”  They also state, “If you are an adult who uses e-cigarettes because you have quit cigarette smoking:  Do not return to smoking cigarettes.” (Source)

Our hope at Canada Vapes is in the authorities within our Countries to track down and remove both the affected products from the market, as well as, provide stiff punishment for anyone selling any vaping products that containing Vitamin E Acetate.  Furthermore, our governments should further regulate the manufacturing of any e-liquids, being traditional nicotine e-liquids or THC distillate vape products to ensure they adhere to a high level of quality standards.

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