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International Study Debunks Vaping-to-Smoking Myth

An international study completed by Queen Mary University in London discovered that vaping does not lead to smoking cigarettes. There have been many myths abound about the link between vaping and smoking.

It has been a long-standing belief that vaping could act as a gateway to traditional cigarette smoking. Researchers discovered that there is no sign e-cigarettes promote or cause cigarette smoking.

“There is no sign of that, and there are some signs that they, in fact, compete against cigarettes”, states Professor Peter Hajek, Director of the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit at Queen Mary University.

“The results of this study alleviate the concern that access to e-cigarettes and other low-risk nicotine products promotes smoking.”, Hajek states, emphasizing the study’s findings.

Joey Dulay, president of the Philippine E-Cigarette Industry Association, also weighed in on the findings. “Among our peers, I have not seen any vaper turn into a smoker. It is either they continue to use e-cigarettes or quit altogether. In fact, I know a lot of former smokers who are now using e-cigarettes, which are far less harmful than combustible tobacco”. 

The link between vaping and smoking: The Study

The comprehensive and in-depth study encompassed multiple countries in order to conclude its findings. Rather than encourage cigarette use, vaping seems to be causing a decline in it.

When comparing smoking rates between countries with differing e-cigarette regulations, the findings were striking.

Countries like Australia, where e-cigarette sales are banned, experienced a gradual decline in smoking. Meanwhile, in areas like the U.K. and the U.S., where e-cigarettes are more accessible, show a faster decline.

The study also examined countries where other smoking/e-cigarette alternatives are most popular, such as Sweden, where oral nicotine pouches are the delivery of choice. Japan and South Korea are also studied, where it’s common to heat tobacco rather than burn it.

While the promising study by the British university captivates attention, additional research on the link between vaping and smoking remains necessary. In the future they may be able to confirm the findings, as well as expand on the long term effects of vaping and other nicotine delivery products.

Professor Brian Ferguson, Director of the Public Health Research Programme (NIHR), shared his concluding thoughts on the researcher’s information.

“The initial findings from this study are valuable, but no firm conclusions can be drawn yet. More research is needed in this area to understand further the impact that alternative nicotine delivery products, such as e-cigarettes, might have on smoking rates,” he explained.

Many countries have opposing views and laws on e-cigarettes and smoking. It’s hard to say what will come for the future. However, it is certainly reassuring to have some light shed on current events. This news supports a favourable outlook on the future for nicotine users worldwide.

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