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Diacetyl causing “Popcorn Lung” is overblown media hype


Diacetyl and “Popcorn Lung”: Overblown Media Hype Introduction: In recent months, the term “Popcorn Lung” has frequently appeared in media discussions, particularly concerning the flavoring used in e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Numerous news sources, including some mainstream outlets, have claimed that e-liquids containing diacetyl could lead to a respiratory disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans, commonly referred … Read more

Britain’s Royal College of Physicians agree – Vaping much safer than smoking

No Smoking Sign

Royal College of Physicians in Britain: Vaping Safer than Smoking In a significant development, the Royal College of Physicians in Britain has stated that vaping is safer than smoking, a fact that the vaping community has been advocating for years. The College is now encouraging smokers to use e-cigarettes, endorsing them as a safer method … Read more

Is it safe and legal to smoke an e-cigarette with kids in the car?

vape in car cup holder

Great article looking at the legality of vaping in your car with children. At least so far, there’s no solid evidence that the mist from electronic cigarettes is dangerous to bystanders – including kids along with you in the car, says researcher Igor Burstyn. “If you have a kid in your car and they’re feeling … Read more

Electronic cigarettes with nicotine “very similar to drinking coffee” UK Professor reports

coffee flavoured E liquid

Electronic Cigarettes effects are very similar to drinking coffee A UK professor has made a striking comparison between the effects of electronic cigarettes with nicotine and drinking coffee. This statement was made following a recent test conducted at Queen Mary University in London, England. The Test and Its Findings The test, supervised by Professor Peter … Read more

Keeping your kids safe – Being responsible with your electronic cigarette

keeping kids safe

Being Responsible with Your Electronic Cigarettes I can remember back BEFORE lighters were childproof. I actually remember as a teenager who smoked buying these new fancy lighters with metal circles inside of them, and how annoying they were.  I actually remember pulling apart my Bic lighter to remove this annoying metal piece that made it … Read more